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Friday, October 2, 2009

Can you belief it ??

Recently, i just manage to get some free time to move to the first floor of the library FUU to read newspaper. I knew i been outdated because i haven even have time to read any of them since i came to library. There are too many assignment for me and a lot of meeting. I wake up early in the morning everyday and reach my hostel late at night. Haiz!!! However, that is our fate as a law student. Sorry...i think i went to far already.....Lets go back to the main topic.....Er...where is it???? Oh ya.....NEWSPAPER!!!!

I remember clearly that a news gave me a huge shock...If i not wrong, it's on 29 of September 2009 (Tuesday) paper. Can you belief that a form six girl was bashed up and nearly raped while riding motorcycle to go home after her part time job in a supermarket at around 11 pm on Sunday. When i look at the picture of Wong Mei Peng (the unlucky and poor girl) on the newspaper that time, i feel so sad and angry. The attack left Mei Peng with a broken jaw, swollen eyes and mouth, bruises all over her body and without her front teeth. OMG!!!

She was only supposed to work as a part timer in a supermarket for 3 days and the incident happen on the last day of work. As been told, the attacker chased behind her bike with another motorcycle and kick her off the bike when he caught up. The attacker dragged her to the bushes and beat her up, searched through her belonging and even try to undress her. Luckily, there was another motorcyclist came by and scared the attacker away. However, the motorcyclist didn't realize she was in the bushes and went off. The attacker came back straight away the motorcyclist left. What i admired of the poor little girl is she manage to stand up on her own, screamed and ran to a nearby house when the attacker came back. The owner of the house heard Mei Peng’s screams and came to her aid. Phew!!!

She is now staying in Taiping Hospital for warded and the police report had been made. the police and minister had already taking this case seriously and they even try to help her to pass this nightmare. As an outsider, what can I do is just hope that she will be all right and wishes all the best to her.

I think that nowadays the crimes have getting serious and serious, it's really scary and dangerous to stay wherever place beside your house. Don't you agree?? The crimes is happening in every times and everywhere to any person that you can't even imagine. Maybe it's just around you right now. That why, there is no more place that can consider as SAFE!!! OMG....
The crimes that happen nowadays compare to previous day is obviously more serious and more frequent. I really can't think what is going to happen in the future....Can't anyone try to stop all of these nonsense and cruel action?

However, we can do some precaution to prevent all of these crimes happen to us and the people around us. First of all, whenever you try to go anywhere, try to get at least a friend to go with you or go to a place that have a lot of people. Don't ever try to go to some place that is really quiet..... Secondly, try to avoid to go out alone at night because that is time most of the crimes will going to happen.....The conclusion is be careful and be alert all the time.

At last, I really hope that the attacker who hurt Mei Peng will be catch and be punish for the sake of justice. I really feel sorry for her and i hope that she will get well soon. I also hope that she will get a good result for her exam in STPM since she is a upper six student.



KiMkIm said...

She is very lucky to escape. I think if she's not escape she might be found dead the next morning. This story should be a lesson to all of us especially the girls to not going back home as late as her. If we need to work, please make sure that you choose a work that is not going to end as late as midnight for our own safety. Choose the best for your own sake.