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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Clean environment please!!!

Have you ever thought of by picking up garbage and dog droppings you receive a reward from that?? I doubt that anyone has think of that because even myself also don't think so. But after reading an article on this I believe that there is a reward for that!!!I was stunt when I was reading this article!!InTaiwan, the Environmental Protection Bureau in central Taichung City said it is offering a gift voucher of 100 Taiwan dollars (about RM10) for one kilogram (two pounds) of dog excrement. Not only that the bureau is also giving vouchers for picking up plastic, paper and Styrofoam cups as well as plastic bags.Don't you think is a great deal??You can be rewarded when you helping to clean the environment!Some might think that RM10 is not a big deal but the satisfaction that you get is hard to describe by words. Can you imagine that how clean can the environment be if everyone is doing this? I think that the streets will be free from garbage and everybody will feel happy and satisfied with the clean environment they have it.If our environment is clean, people doesn't prone to fall sick. Bacteria is hard to spread under a clean environment. If tourists sees that our country is so clean, they will feel safe while traveling in our country. They might even praised and tell their friends about the cleanliness in our country. More investor will come to our country to invest after seeing the effort that has been done by the people and the authorities in our country. Our economic will be boost up.The parents will allow their children to play at the park and outdoor if the environment is clean. They will encourage their children to do more outdoor activity by then.Actually to achieve a clean environment is not that hard if everybody would co-operate to help to clean our environment. Firstly, don't throw rubbish to anywhere you like. Don't spit wherever you like. Teacher and parents should be the role model for the students and children. Educating the new generation about the important of cleanliness is important.They will understand and know the importance of cleanliness if they were properly educated. Can you imagine if you are walking down the street and the street is full of garbage?What will your feelings be?Some people might think that if I don't do my part it doesn't make any difference.This is wrong perception!!!Due to this perception,it might make a drastic change to our environment. If everyone thinks this way, then we will never enjoy a clean environment.Please think for the future.Think twice before you litter anywhere.


azmelia.abby said...

Kai Lee.,.
I am agree with you.
Nowadays, our peoples are not aware of the environment.
They do not realize that our environment become worst day a day.
So, I think everyone should do their responsibility to safe our Earth.
Go for Green!!