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Sunday, August 30, 2009

love, life, last.,..


Friendship is more than just being friends. Friendship is one of those parts of life that we at times take for granted. It rolls off of our tongues as if we expect it to be present in all areas of our lives. I hear our ‘friendship is forever’ or ‘friends always’ is a common thread that runs through our lives. But in truth how many true friendships do we have actually? Why don’t we think it for a moment and list those we feel are true friends and those with which we have a close relationship. Are they true friends? Is their friendship from the heart? How many people do we truly see as friends? Let us sit and think about that.

Everyone depends on friends to a certain extent, as no man is an island. Life without friends is unthinkable. Is it true? We may have many friends but genuine are difficult to find. They are friends who stand by us eager to share our happiness. In times of sadness and difficulties, how many of our friends will really care to make personal sacrifices to bring hope and relief to our lives??

When the flower blossoms, bees flock to it, but when it withers, they disappear like dew before the morning rays of the sun. Fair-weather friends are like that.

“False friendship, like the ivy, decays and ruins the walls it embraces; but true friendship gives new life and animation to the object it supports.”
Richard Burton

Sharing our problems with a friend can be helpful when we go through a difficult patch in life. As the saying goes, “ A friend in need is a friend indeed “ . A true friend will drop everything he or she is doing to come to our aid. He or she will give advice, moral support and the encouragement that we need to hear and even offer as a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes, we just need someone who understands us and this will make us feel better. People have been saved from suicide just by having a friend listen to their troubles.

Doing things with friends is a pleasure. Shopping, going on trips, playing games, studying or even just chit-chatting. Friends can lift our spirits when we feel down. They can also make us laugh especially if they have a good sense of humour. We can share jokes and secrets with them. Friends can actually spice up our lives.

“Remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends.”
Cindy Lew

Sadly, not at all friends are sincere a loyal. From my experience, once I lent my schoolwork to my friend. I asked her not to copy my work as it took me quite a long time to finish it. And she promised me that she would not. The next day, when teacher asked us to pass up our work, she did it to for me and I even thanked her. But at the end of the school hour, the teacher suddenly called us up. I wonder what had happen. I followed my friend to the staffroom. The teacher then asked us why our work were the same. My friend eventually told our teacher that I copied her work. She betrayed me! I lent her my book because of friendship but she did not appreciate it. She repaid kindness with betrayal. She has moved to another state and since then I have not seen her. I have forgiven her. But it was bitter experience for me.

A good friend will bring a smile on your face when you are feeling low and will go out of his or her way to help in you every possible way, when you would ask for help. Bad friends are those friends who would be there with you in your good times but would move away from you, in your troubled times and leave you alone. The few friends who stick with us in good times and bad must be cherished and appreciated. They are honest, caring and good companions. These true friends are truly worth their weight in gold.

For those who always being friends with me, I am really appreciate all of you. Friends forever guys! I love you.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Malware in Entertainment sites

One sunny day, you are having a leisure time, surfing the web for entertainment, and then, there it comes, the most ‘beautiful’ problem; you have accidentally downloaded a malware program, then, 'BAM', your computer is damaged. And you risked having the all of the data and the important files in your computer lost.

Take up a piece of my mind. The more popular the computing technology are becoming, the more is the risk of you becoming the victim of a cyber crime. Today, I have come across, what I think is a really interesting article about cyber crime in the New Straits Times newspaper. It says that, according Green, senior vice president of McAfee Avert Labs, through its annual research, “Cybercriminals are star watchers too--they latch onto popular celebrities to encourage the download of malicious software in disguise. Consumers' obsession with celebrity news and culture is harmless in theory, but one bad download can cause a lot of damage to a computer." It says, through its third annual report yesterday that, the popular actress Jessica Biel had tops Brad Pitt as the most dangerous celebrity on the web. While, President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama ranked No. 34 and No. 39, respectively. The search of the celebrity on the web, will lead to 1 out of 5 searchers ending up at a web site specially created for damaging one’s computer. Whereby, it will lead to the downloading of the online threat, such as spy ware and viruses. McAfee found that searching for photos, videos, downloads, wallpaper, and screensavers of celebrities who made the list could prove hazardous to the health of your computer.

Furthermore, from my recent research, I also found that there are many fake sites on entertainment, especially on famous celebrity, that might trick you into having malware programs that will infect your computer. Furthermore, PandaLabs, the malware detection and analysis laboratory at Panda Security, has reported that YouTube’s message sending system is being used by cyber-crooks to spread malware. The criminals are sending messages that seem to take users to a YouTube video.

Personally, I myself cannot think of any motives for these criminal to do what they do. Maybe it is for personal satisfaction. But, if so, what is the point, when they cannot even see the people’s face in distress from their action, but just, the computer screen. What is so good about that? Smiling in front of the computer screen from satisfaction of knowing that you are in the way of damaging someone’s computer.

To avoid it, we should be more careful when surfing the web, especially on the entertainment sites. We should also stop using file sharing applications, like Kazaa, limewire. Second, never open an email attachment if you don’t know what it is. Third, if you get pop-ups when opening a web page don’t click inside the pop-up to close it. Also, if you get a message from your computer warning you that it is infected and you need to download suchandsuch software to remove the virus, don’t do it. Lastly, Avoid free downloads unless you are absolutely sure you can trust the source. As for what the action that has been made by the legislator in Malaysia, In a Bernama report on Jan 6, Datuk Shaziman said Malaysia needs a cybercourt in view of the increasing number of such cases. “If in future we cannot cope anymore, we may need to have a cybercourt,” he was quoted in the report. Although it is hard for the enforcer to take action, but i am glad that some action has been taken to cope with the problem.

Anyway, take my word, the next time you want to search for photos, videos, downloads, wallpaper, and screensavers of any celebrity on the web, watch out, somebody might be tricking you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009



Refugees or asylum seekers? I bet everyone must wonder who they are. Actually they are a group of people that been chased out from their country. This migration is due to the violation towards them in their own country such as ethnic cleansing, war and violation of rights. On the other hand, asylum seekers are persons who are seeking the recognition as refugees. Therefore, asylum seekers are persons who request for recognition in a certain country. Then, when the request had been accepted, they will officially know as refugees. These refugees are usually from conflict counties such as Palestine, Bangladesh and Myanmar. As we know the countries that have been mentioned are the countries that warfare still happened. In this moments onwards, I will raise the problems that been faced by the refugees.

There are several problems that being faced by these refugees. The main problem that still remains unsolved is about their nationality. They are being chased from their country by particular social group or government that has different political opinion and race with them. Commonly, these particular social groups will held an ethnic cleansing to threaten them, and they also being prosecuted without being trial and most of them are usual people who are not guilty. For instant, these refugees group will be detent and being killed. In some other countries such as Burma or also known as Myanmar, their government declared war toward these people, so they were killed in the armed force attacks. Then, in order to seek for protection they run to the nearest country as illegal migrant.

Additionally, after all these things, their problems do not end when they finally migrated to the nearest country, their rights as asylum seekers been violated. Firstly, when they are entered the country they are faced other obstacles involving harsh interrogation and detention. While their application for asylum is being processed and even when their refugee status has been determined they also will confronted other restriction and problems. Moreover, they will find themselves are unable to obtain employment, started are business and purchase land. Then most of their children do not get opportunity to get proper education and believe it or not most of them not go to school.

Beside, the other problem that they need to confront is their life, liberty and security is being violated. In some other countries refugees are subjected to attacks, oppression and abuse. Many of them killed in the armed attacks on refugee camps and settlements. Then, their young males and minors are being recruited into armed and guerrilla bands and they are FORCED to fight in civil wars. Their females also being harassed , rape and other forms of abuses.

The United Nation has established the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in order to curb the violations towards refugees. But until now, the problems that related to the refugees remain unsolved because the people of the world do not realize that the refugees are also human being who got the right to be equally treated.


Assalamualaikum.Peace be upon you.Salam Ramadhan.

A bit about me, I am just a simple Kampung Girl came into city without knowing what has been installed for me - in this UKM for the next 4 years. Since everyone blurbbing about their experience and current issues so on. Let me blurb about my hometown – Tawau,Sabah. I am very sure that not everyone know about Tawau. Therefore, it is my responsibility to introduce you guys about Tawau. I will paste few pictures regarding Tawau for you to get a better ‘illustration’ on how Tawau is actually. It tooks only 2 hours and 45 minutes by flight from KL to Tawau.

Tawau is not that ‘bad’ – for those who think Tawau is so downtown, with no building, no infrastructure. For your information, Tawau came in second after Kota Kinabalu (KK). The main town area can be divided into three sections, i.e. Sabindo, Fajar and Tawau Lama or Old Tawau. Federal House, where most government offices such as the Immigration Department and the National Registration Department are located is found in Sabindo area. Fajar is the commercial area, where major banks are located. Also, the very right place to chill with friends, and Conrado’s Club is my favourite place to chill with brother,cousins and obviously – friends,haha. The Tawau District Court is also situated here.

There’s few places you can go for pleasure, such as Tawau Hills Park, "Lost World of Sabah" – Maliau Basin ,Shan Shui, The Tawau Tanjung Market - the biggest market in Malaysia, Sabindo food court, Fajar, Sabah's largest mosque – Al Kauthar Mosque also located in Tawau. For shopaholics! Don’t worry, eventhough Tawau has no MV or PAVI or even OU, we still got shopping malls. Better than UNIKEB for sure!

Makan time! Tawau do got Sulawesi Soto Makassar (buffalo soup), a Bugis specialty; Pisang Goreng' or 'Sanggar' ' (fried bananas), Ubi Goreng (fried tapioca), Onde-onde (glutinous rice with savoury taste roasted in banana leaves), Kuih Pandan (Pandan rice cake), Karipap (Curry Puff), Kuih kacang (Peanut pancake spread with Kaya coconut jam), Bubur Chaca(local dessert served with tapioca, sweet potato and sago in sweet coconut milk) is some of the cuisine can be found in Tawau. "Nasi Kuning" or yellow rice is an Indonesian specialty that cannot be found anywhere else in Malaysia except Tawau. Also Tauhu mee. "Amplang" is also another cuisine which cannot be found anywhere else in Malaysia except Tawau.

I think I blurbs to much, its like promoting Tawau. Anyway, for further information, just google or go to e-tawau. You’ll get much more than you expected. Here few pictures for you guys.

what on earth is this?

Maybe I was the last person to post my journal on this blog. But I'm just a human that make mistake. Human error can happen anytime,anywhere.

Some people might say, it is just another government university. But for me UKM is a new world waiting to be explored by the person who was chosen to be here. Here, I found someone that really excited for the upcoming days. She said something really brilliant which is life is only once,so better be enjoy! I don’t really like to talk current issues but I had to expressed what I feel about recent thing that happen around me.
When I walked out of my college, I saw so many people wearing a mask. It’s not that I don’t like to see people taking a precaution to protect their life but walking around and facing thousand of peoples a day…what did you expect from a thin layer of cloth that covered up your face?
Being a UKM student thought me how to survive by myself. From the MMP week until now, I learn to live my own life. I didn’t expect to face the situation like this but as a human without any super powers, I admit that I had to put myself under the mercy of God, hoping that I’m not the one that will die at young age just because of that crazy virus. Hopefully this virus will stop spreading and we, all the Malaysians can live without any fear of losing our life to the H1N1.
In a few more days we will celebrating the independence day. Will this special day of our nation be celebrated like the years before? Lets wait and see if the H1N1 really can messed up with our patriotisme value.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Honestly, up until now this is the first time I've ever posted a blog but you know how people say it's better late than never. It took me quite some time to think of a topic for my very first blog and suddenly it just came to me to talk about the things I enjoy most in life. By now, probably most of my friends are already aware that I am totally indulged in the foreign entertainments especially in the Japanese and Korean. However, I'm going to specifically talk about the Japanese animation or better known as anime. My friends used to refer me as an 'animaniac' which is the short for anime maniac. I've watched almost all of the anime movies and dramas, listened to their songs and have read so many of the mangas (comics). My eyes would sparkle when ever I talk about this field, the story, characters, songs and I mean everything. Moreover, I can even draw some of the characters myself. Some of you might think that this is childish and a waste of time but you might be suprised to know that there are so many benefits to it. Firstly, you can actually learn so many stuffs through this media. In Japan, the anime wave had become so influential among the people especially teenagers and children that it became one of the primary channel used by the local authority to convey various type of informations towards its citizens. Most of the animes are created based on plots that contains lots of meaningful messages and lessons to be told to the public at large. Usually, they include lessons on cherishing your family, friendship, love, morality and many more based on the daily life of the people but visualized through beautiful drawings of the anime. It always amazes me how they manage to turn an average high school life for example, into the most interesting tale of a persons life and to turn a boring board game of Shogo ( ancient Japanese board game) into a whole lot of fun and adventure. They also never failed to use the opportunity to display their local cultures and traditions, the food they eat, the way they dress on various occasions and many others. However, the most important thing I learned through anime is speaking in Japanese. When you're used to watching and listening like me, you eventually tend to understand the language spoken without even having to look at the subtitles. Now, I can even converse in Japanese with my sister which is very fun, interesting and definitely an advantage in todays life. These are just small peaks on the advantages of anime. For further details you can directly ask me later.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

'Women Can Be Equal In All Endeavours'

According to our former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad, it is not a question of gender but performance and qualification that count in the appointment of woman to high positions.Malaysian women should cease perceiving themselves as the weaker sex when carrying out their duties or given responsibilities in all aspects of life.
Women should also stop asking for special treatment in certain fields, in order to produce a position scenario of gender sensitisation within the society.Nowadays, woman's greatest challenge would be discrimination at work.Employers may prefer to hire men and give them more training and promotion opportunities.This is because woman may eventually put their family before their career and either resign or be less committed to their work.But we must always remember that 'man man may work from sun to sun but a woman's work is never known.'
Woman should not look at themselves as a weaker gender, then what more the perception from men about women.If we want the same treatment, would we be able to accept the responsibilities that comes with it.Let opportunities given to women for their own capabilities and and abilities and not solely because they are women.Men should be reminded of William Congreve's couplet "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned."
The setting up of The Woman and Family Development Ministry is a set up in the right direction.It reinforces the Government's to do away with male chauvinistic prejudices and to give woman their rightful place in society so that they can play a more meaningful role in Government's effort to eradicate poverty, overcome social ills and other problems plaguing the country.

im a fan of maddy

hai friends!!! hmm let me open my topic...actually i wanted to share with u about my favourite actor since i was small...that was MADHAVAN...Well for those chinese and muslims..sure you all wondering who is that.okey madhavan is a tamil actor who is well-known among indian community..he had been acting in many films including hindi movie.
His name is Madhavan Raghavan,35,born on 1st June at Bombay.Before he enters the movie industry,he get married to his wife,Saradha which is love marriage!(hmm im sad).He is an engineering graduate who starts his working field as lecturer.Later on he get intrested in movie and get his first attention in hindi serial 'saaya'.And than he appear in first tamil movie,Alaipayuthey.Wow this movie is wonderfull and amazing.The story is about romantic love with the heroin,Shalini.The songs is superb which composed by AR Rahman.
Later he acted in Minnale(my most favourite movie),its about love story which i admire it too.Its about how a true love will success although they have to overcome many problems!!Although lie is there,the love is always eternal.(my mottto).Than, his movie Laysa Laysa came...i was form 3 when i watched the movie.The story is wonderful(of course its maddy movie what!!),and the ending of the movie madhavan will die,but it never appear in the movie..Friends,you dont be surprised that i cried for almost 2 days because he died in the story(crazy right).Hmm i was dissapointed although it was just a movie.
Lastly,its all about the one,and only and forever favourite actor in my life!! Ooops,forgot to mention it earlier.Madhavan is a first ranking in cutest man smile category(hensem too) and romantic hero.


hi! if i'm not mistaken everyone here seems more into the current issues right? but right now i'm thinking to write about something else- not the current one but more to psychological issue. can i?

why people tend to lie? anybody knows the answer?
nowadays, whether we realized it or not, lying is quite common among people whether children, teenager or even adult! sometimes, it can be said that this practice is seems acceptable by society since no one is immune from deception or deliberately misleading others. the question right now; is it really can be accepted?

generally, lie can be done in three ways. firstly, falsifying information whereby we are swearing the truth when the contrary is true. secondly, withholding information. it means that we are presenting part of the truth, NOT the whole story. lastly, manipulating information which means misleading understanding by implying one truth to draw attention of others from the other truth. in my opinion, when lie is defined like this, seems no one is immune from this practice. am i right? (-,-)'
why do people lie actually? normally, for children- they tend to lie to avoid parental disapproval. nowadays, most of the parents are seem competing each other to show that their children are good in everything. they want their children to be the best student, involve in sports and whatsoever- you cannot do that, do this or otherwise, i'll be angry. at the end of the day, their children choose to lie because not all of them are interested with those activities and they know its the only way to satisfy their parents.
then, for teenagers- most of the times, they tend to lie to impress others whether friends, lectures, parents or maybe their partner. last week, i read an article regarding this issue. according to the article, some teenagers consider lying as a survival skill as to success in their study. hee..is it true?
so, how about the 'white lie'? even though it clearly impart incorrect informations, it do not harm. for example, a teen might compliment his or her friend's haircut or new outfit, when he or she does not like it at all.
now, back to the earlier question- is lying really can be accepted? for me, its simple. even though this practice is so commonplace, no one should assume it is acceptable behaviour . it do followed by negative consequences- as it always do. ^_^

Because of H1N1

I just went to 1 Utama shopping mall just now.The car park is so empty and I can just park at any empty lot as I like.As everyone know now is mega sales season everybody and especially girls would come out to shop at this season.This is the time you can grab cheap stuff.As compare to last year, I can't see the crowd in 1 Utama and even most of the shop have put big signs on discount,sales etc I could notice that the crowd is not there anymore and the salesperson is so free. I think there are two factor that contribute to this the first one is H1N1 and the other one is because of recession but I think H1N1 is the main factor.We are told to wear mask to protect ourself and also not to spread the virus to others if you are ill.I can see that most of the people didn't wear the mask and even children also didn't wear it.I think that the parents should ask their children to wear the mask when they are in public areas.I understand that is not comfortable to wear mask but children is susceptible to the virus due to the weak immune system.The price for the mask is 4 for RM5.00(Guardian) and mask is available in pharmacy.The mask may not help much but prevention is better than cure.Parents please buy mask for your children and ask them to wear it even to school.Educate your children how to use it and teach them they right way to wash their hand.Till today, the number of death remain at 68.It's good news to the people in Malaysia since the number of death have not been increase for 3 days.National Day is coming soon if you want to countdown in any public place, please remember to wear your mask and for those who are going back to your hometown please wear your mask too when you are waiting for bus.Beware of pickpocket in Pudu bus station, Hentian Kajang,KTM station and public areas.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's Hard To Be A Legend.

History has prove to us the lesson of being a wise man. Socrates, the great ancient Greek philosopher was brutally killed. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the united states of America was assassinated by an actor. The same thing happen to the great mahatma Gandhi, India's independence leader as he was assassinated by a mentally disorder person. Socrates, is known as perfect human being for the past centuries. He is the one whom start the critical thinking revolution. Brain is the main asset of a human according to Socrates. One of the Socrates main philosophy is never accept an answer without knowing the truth behind it. But his philosophy has become the major factor of his death tragedy. Abraham Lincoln is the one of the most famous and talented U.S.A president. He will always be remember for his effort to bring end to the American Civil Law. He is the man whom unite the U.S.A as we can see today. Unfortunately, all his effort couldn't prevent him from being shot dead in a theater by John W Booth. That day would be remember as a black mark in U.S.A history.In India there was great man call Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or more known as mahatma Gandhi. this humble being man show to the world the power of non violent. Gandhi employed non-cooperation,non-violence and peaceful resistance as his 'weapons' in the struggle against British for the independence. On 30 January 1948 just after few months India get its independence, this great man was shot dead in an open assembly prayer. That's the end of the story for this 'great soul'. The conclusion we can get from this is simple, it's hard to be a wise man. It seems like either you die as hero or you live long as a normal person like the others.