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Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Hidden Agenda", politic matter?

"Hidden Agenda", my next post in this journal. Not really a topic to talk about but just for one to read, as
info maybe. Hidden Agenda is a broader subjective matter, so I will bring it to more narrower matter which is the
hidden agenda of organisation in college, UKM to be exact.

In every college, there must be an organisation or more, that has this hidden agenda. Some questions arise
such "Why this organisation build up?" "What the purpose?" "What would I get from this?" and so on.
Recently I joined an organisation in my college, called Karisma Jasa, as I was chosen as one of them. It was
a mere political sub-organisation for students. There were like 80+ of us in this college that has been chosen as
Karismarians. Every night they got meeting till late midnight, no-ending discussion, just like our PBL.

At my observation, it was fun but full of stress. It was really a campus lifestyle but if only meeting for many
hours without a promising outcome, I think it will be nothing. Few days ago, they have the chance to meet the
"genius" of law in Malaysia, Datuk Seri Utama Dr. Rais bin Yatim.

For me, being a member of this organisation gave me benefits, I think. It is better than nothing.
Things regarding politics is non-argued matter because it will never end. Undergraduate students, law students, involving in this mere political matter is common, even if they are not so obvious in the eyes of society. I think instead of bring up the AUKU 1974, but still involving students in this mere politics organisation, it is something weird or wrong somewhere there.

Whatever it is, every organisation have their own pro's and con's. Either bad or good, depends on how we think they are. Hidden Agenda - politic matter? Lets take few moments to think about it, and few more moments to think how far the political matter affect undergraduate.