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Friday, October 23, 2009

Illegal racers as scourage of Malaysian road.

How much trouble can you cause with a little motorbike? Well, in a hand of a Mat Rempit it can be a great cause of irritation to other users. Mat Rempit have annoyed the Malaysian nation with their reckless riding and total disgard for other road users. Malaysian bloggers have complained that Mat Rempit take over streets in housing estates as well as main roads in the city centre for their street races that can comprise up to 100 motorbikes.
They speed ,cut into lanes of other traffic users, create enormous amounts of pollution and noise and gather menacingly at traffic acting as if they own the roads. When they are not racing, they are attempting stunts in open roads in a dangerous and haphazard manner for fun that often result into fatal accidents. Such as accidents occur when they are trying to ride awy from the police, sometimes into on-coming traffic, and when failed stunts cause their bikes to fall over injuring or killing the rider and the pillion.
The Star newspaper reported that some desperate Mat Rempit who are in quick need of money are getting their girlfriends to provide 'sex service' to their friends. According to a former Mat Rempit, most of them are always on the lookout for money to buy drugs.
Is there any ways to prevent this problem to become more worse. Of course they are. Effective ways must be take at the correct time to bring back the good image on the Malaysia road system.