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Monday, October 26, 2009


All of us, except for some very few, use money to buy what we need in this world. We do our shopping in various places. Sometimes we are satisfied with what we buy. Sometimes though we do not get our money’s worth and we feel cheated. To avoid being cheated we have to know how to shop wisely. Here are some suggestions on how to do it.

It is good practice to check the price of the goods first. Shops are required by law to display price tags for all items.. Goods that have no price tags are suspect and ought to be avoided. Also it is better if we compare the prices of the goods at various places. We will probably be shocked by the price differences. The money saved on finding the best deal is usually worth the time spent on it.

The expiry date of perishable goods should be checked. Items without expiry dates or that have expired should not be bought. It is silly to buy a cheap can of sardines at a much reduced price only to discover that the contents are inedible when we open it.

When buying something that has to be weighed, it is a good idea to witness the weighing ourselves. Also ensure that the needle reads zero when there is nothing on the balance. It is all too easy to be short-weighed..

Finally, when paying for things bought at the counter, it is good practice to make sure that the prices are correctly entered. Keep the receipt in case we want to return or exchange anything. Count the change after paying for what we buy. In this way we spend our hard-earned money wisely and not waste it.