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Sunday, October 25, 2009



I have to say that I am glad that I do not smoke, for evidence against smoking keep increasing. Smoking certainly is hazardous to health.

A regular smoker is always coughing or clearing his throut. This I observe is the obvious sign of a smoker. My brother, uncle and my friends who smoke all seem to have a perpetual cough. I hear them hacking away every now and then. They take cough drops and other medicines to counteract yhe cough but they do not succeed. The only solution for them is to quit smoking.

Pregnant mothers who smoke may give birth to smaller and less healthy children. So it is not a very intelligent thing to smoke, considering the risks that a smoker has. However intelligence is powerless in the face of constant bombardment of cigarette advertisements via the mass media.

My friends who smoke do not have enough stamina, as they say. They do play games, but I can see that they really do not have the staying power of non-smokers. They tire quickly and immediately after the game the first thing they reach for is a cigarette. Of course they are smart enough not to get caught smoking in school, but the teachers are no fools. Yellow teeth, yellow fingers and smelly clothes are sure signs of a smoker. Usually the teacher says nothing as long as the students do not smoke in school.

The hazards of smoking are obvious such as poorer health, persistent cough, lack of stamina, wastage of money and a possible quicker and more painful path to the grave all await the smoker.