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Saturday, October 24, 2009

think about it

The Signs Of The Creator

Recently, our nation has been shocked by the praying mats that figuring a shape of praying person. This thing happens in three states which are Kelantan, Pulau Pinang, and Kedah. For the unbelievers, they think that this is just the work of moron. But as for me, I think this is the sign from the Almighty to remind all the Muslims to perform the ‘solat’.

This thing actually has happened years before but not in Malaysia. The first video that I’ve seen is in Indonesia. That video has turned into a big issue which causes a lot of arguments among the religious person. What I want to share is about how this has given the impact towards my friends and I. We saw the news on TV3. Actually we were kind a having fun time at McD when the news broadcasted. Suddenly all of us turned silence and focusing on that news. It’s not like we’ve never seen such thing like that, but this time it’s a bit shocking because this time it happen with 35 pieces of prayers mats. That night, all of us have a round table and discussing about what we just saw on the news. I’m wondering how many people out there really think that this is the sign from the creator? What were you think about this phenomenon? But as the natures of humans, not everyone will believe in what you believed. Watch this first and then think it yourself.