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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tragic Tale of a 14-year old

Recently I've read an article on a newspapaer I can't recall which, about a 14-year old girl who was expelled from school after been caught having sex with a group of male students in their school store room. It started 4 month before when she was waiting for her boyfriend on a date somewhere in Kuala Lumpur. She waited for hours but her boyfriend was never to be seen. Suddenly, an elderly man of about 40-years old approached her and wanted to befriend her. then, he offered to send her home which was somewhere in the northern part of the country. Without thinking twice she accepted the offer. Obviously, he did not send her straight home but brought her to a hotel and there she was raped. Then, they continue their journey to the north but stop for a while at an R&R and there she was raped for the second time in the car. Later when she got back home, she told her parents and lodge a report. That was when she knew the man was a husband to 4 wives. God knows how she felt that time.Her life and future were destroyed.
However the story doesn't end just there. The girl soon became addicted to sex. She had sex with her boyfriends and many other male students at school. usually they would do it at the school store room in the evening after school and sometimes in the morning during the assembly. It went on for abou 4 months and finally they were busted by the schools authority. She was immediately expelled and now she regerts it a lot. However, she was very lucky that her family still gives her their support so that she could turn over a new leave and start over a new life. I'm not quite sure whether to symphatize for her or not because to me initially she was at fault too. Yet deep down I still pray for her positive changes and I hope the society do not discriminate victims of sex like her. She's only 14 and probably has yet a long way to go. Lets hope for the best.