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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ugly People - from the inside

Have you guys read the news recently about the Chinese guy who got bashed up just because he accidently ran his car into some parked motorbikes just to avoid another car?

Well, he was avoiding the car in front, and he lost control of his car. Then he served into some motorbikes parked somewhere close by. And guess what? Those motorbike owners, wasn’t too concern about the driver, they were enraged that the driver drove his car into their bikes, thus ganging up and bashed up the poor driver badly. It’s not just that, NOBODY went to his help. In fact, some selfish and greedy being even took advantage of the situation and robbed the driver while he was at his most vulnerable.

Somehow this whole situation makes me wonder what has become of us, human, now. We were thought from young to lend a helping hand to those in need. Obviously, the driver needed help, but what were those people witnessing the whole ordeal doing, beside , just standing aside and watch the drama unfold? What’s worse that some people can actually take the opportunity to loot the poor victim!

I sympathize with the victim. The picture of him in the newspaper definitely wasn’t pretty at all. His eyes were both swollen in purple colour (something I thought the movies exaggerated) and he needed more than 10 stitches to an injury on his head. I suppose he was lucky to even have survived the attack.

Also, it makes me wonder, why is it that Malaysian mentality is always on “mind your own business”. It’s because of such thinking that most of us, refused to help, refused to get ourselves involved. Are we that afraid of being victimized as well? I can answer you, yes. Why? Well, in another of a recent case, a Caucasian, I suppose he was working here, decided to help this poor old lady whose handbag was on the verged on being snatched. Being a gentleman, and also, I suppose, being how he was brought up, he decided to help her. And because of him helping, he was shot by the snatch thieves and sadly, he succumbed to the gunshot wound.

Malaysian mentality is that, if it’s not our problem, don’t get involved. I am not proud to say that but that is how we are. It is pretty well proven really. I suppose that, even so, the by standers who were watching the drama unfold, could at least inform the police anonymously instead of standing aside and watch the whole thing and not doing anything. I don’t know why but reading that piece of news really got me upset over the “mind your own business” mentality and also, our country’s moral standard. I agree that we can’t judge the whole basket of eggs just because of an bad egg, but, it somehow reflects us in a way.

One Malaysia, a dream that seems so far away. To me, it’s not just about races living in harmony, it is also about helping each other. We are living in harmony, we do help each other but to what extend? That is the question that keeps playing in my mind. And that news, is a fragment to the answer that I needed. I suppose there is still time for us to improve ourselves.

Let’s hope that in the future, there will be no more of the “mind your own business” mentality among us.