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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Free trips for warring couples!!!

Terengganu government had offer a free trip to warring couples!!Under this plan, the feuding couple can enjoy 3 days 2 nights stay in tropical island of Terengganu states. Do you know how much does this cost???This is worth Rm1500 for just 3 days 2 nights stay!!!Why is the Terengganu government doing this?? This is because they wanted to strengthen family ties. If a marriage breaks down, it will hurt the children and it will have serious implications on society. Why many newly wedding couple choosing divorce as their last resolution?? What is the problem that make them to choose divorce as their last resolution??Among them are financial issues and problems related to their in-laws.Before marriage, all was good. But after marriage, some are unable to cope with the new challenges. Before married, your husband or wife may call you darling or honey or sweetie,but right after married they might even just call their spouse by their name or just wei or eh. We can see that the drastic change before and after married. After married, husband and wife are busy concentrating on their career. For those who had children, one might focus on taking of the family while the other might focus on their career.After whole day working, house is a place for their tired soul to rest. So even in the same room they might not talk to each other because of too tired or maybe they don't have a common topic to talk. Soon on later, they had adapted to this kind of lifestyle where they only talk when necessary. When a problem occurs, they will blame on the other one. This is the time where they start to quarrel and they found that their spouse had a drastic change. They found out that this is not the one I knew before marriage. Then they will think whether are they still suitable to stay under the same roof after all. They choose divorce because soon on later they found that this would be the best resolution for both of them. They might feel relief but what about the children? What will they feel? If their children is young it actually will leave an impact in their heart. They will think that maybe is their fault or they might wondering why is my parents are separated. How the parents should answer these kind of question when their children ask them?? Have the parents think of the impact that will be in their children heart if they choose to divorce? If you know that this is not the right person, why bother to get married? When you choose to marry, this means that he or she is the one you want to live with forever not just because for the sake of marry. Some couples marry after knowing each other for few months and when they get married they only found out that they are not suitable for each other.There are cases where the couples know each other for quite some time but they also end up divorce. If you don't know the person character well and you know you can't tolerate it,please think twice before you want to marry.The proposal maybe very romantic and very touch but then it doesn't mean that he is the one you are supposed to marry.Can you imagine when you step into a primary classroom, there are at least 2 students parents is divorce?? Imagine if 20 years later,it might turn out to 70% of the students parents is divorce!! Parents and couple soon to be marry please think properly the impact and also whether is it necessary for you to do that. You spend money when you get married and you spend money when you divorce.Is it worth it after all?Where is all the sweet memories you all have together?Where is the hardship when you two been through? Doesn't all these memories makes you to choose him or her as your spouse? I hope that the divorce rate will decrease to the minimum in future even though it is hard to achieve.I can't imagine what the society will become if the divorce rate increase rapidly in future.


azmelia.abby said...

That is a good suggestion for those who face this problem.
I did my research for English for Law in 'Emotional Abuse in Marriage'.
I think I can suggest to my respondent to take this 'therapist' for them.
Thank you Kai Lee.