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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My 1st Title in UKM

UKM VC CUP English Debate competition was the 1st competition that I joined in the beginning of my Uni's life. The intention that I joined this competition is to enhance my speaking skill so that I am well prepared when I am in the Moot Court.

This competition is a annual event and it consist of the debaters from all of the colleges in UKM including college from Cheras which is KTSN. I am representing my college (College Pendeta Za'ba ) along with my comrades which are Farahin and Daniel.

This competition divided into a few founds before we reach to final. First of all, we have to go through the preliminary round before we stand a chance to enter quarter final. After quarter final, the four winning teams will be debating in semi final and finally the winners in the semi final will be having their final battle at Pusat Nika.

I and my comrades do try very hard in this competition and finally all of our hard works pay off when we finally enter into the final. This was already out of our expectation because we just aiming to enter quarter final and the outcome is out of our estimation and we were overjoyed when we heard the announcement from the master of ceremony that we are the finalist .

During the few weeks before the final, me and my teammates did pay a lot of efforts due to our opponent is the strongest team during the competition (they never lose a single match). We do suffered from a lot of pressure and sometimes we think of going to give up but after got the guidance from our trainers we managed to cope up with all of these pressure and keep on moving without fear.

Finally, on that day, 3 of us gave out the best ever performance through out the competition and we finally grab the CHAMPIONS trophy from the opponent and it shows that all of our effort pay off.

At here, I would like to take this opportunity to thanks my teammates- Farahin and Daniel. 2 of you are the best teammates and debaters I ever have, I am very glad that I am in the same team with two of you and would like to apologize if got any misconduct or misbehave during the competition.

Until today I still can remember what we have been gone through during the competition, i feel grateful that I joined this competition not because I get to win the championship but is because I gain friendship in this competition.


KiMkIm said...

Congratulation Sing Ghee on your achievement in UKM.