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Friday, October 2, 2009

The Written...

Why is illegal immigration on the rise?Why is this issue being so popular lately?I will be questioning myself of the factors and the consequences.Illegal immigrants in Malaysia are mostly originated from nearby countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar and The Philippines where they tend to work in the construction sites.The population of illegal immigrants by some estimates are as many as 2 millions.

First and foremost, I started the English For Law project by conducting some discussions to identify the factors contributing to illegal immigration.Later, I cooperated with my group mates in finding and compiling the supporting issues and relevant materials.I even had a few sessions of conferencing, whereby i find it very beneficial as madam explains in detail of the project and even helped me in preparing the questionnaires.It also made sure that I am always in the right track.

Moreover, I continued my progress by collecting the data's and forming the pie charts which reflects the opinions of the first year law students of National University of Malaysia as well as their suggestions on illegal immigration.Later, I prepared my power point presentations on introduction, objectives and literature review.It was not that difficult as I was keeping myself up to date with the current issues relating to illegal immigrants.

In addition, my preparations are based on the definition of illegal immigration, a clearer elaborations on illegal immigration, the purpose of me conducting this topic.Besides that, I even found lots of current cases on illegal immigration, which was very sad as Malaysia is still experiencing it, even though many precaution steps had been taken to halt this problem.

I do belief that this is an interesting topic as it is crucial, it ensures my fellow classmates to be aware of it and have better understandings on illegal immigration.I do hope that in the future illegal immigration can be curbed to a zero level.