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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Do you realize that sometimes in your life, you have to decide whether to choose your family or your friend. This situation usually occurs among teenagers because in this stage of life teens often to spare more of their time with their friends. I would like to share about how actually this thing can appear in anybody’s life without their intention to get into it.

When you reach the teen ages, you often spent your time with your friends which means much less time with the family. Slowly, who’s you’re being friend with will be a part of yourself. If you were being friends with good ones, maybe you’ll be a good person too. But if you were being friend with the bad ones, maybe you will be a bad person too. But not all situations are like this. Back to the topic, when you were with your friend, you often think that what you were doing was right although it is actually wrong. You will also felt happy when you done something that against the good manners. Then you will develop the feel that you are old enough to make a decision for your life. This is the time that your family will get in your life. As a family should always do, your family will try to get you back into the line where you supposed to be. Then the situation of family or friend will occurs. Some of teens that lucky and strong enough to encounter this situation usually will choose the family instead of friend. This type of teen is actually still considering their future and their family’s feelings. But often, friends will win the situation as teens have created a barrier between family and their self. This situation next will increase the numbers of runaway teens and increasing the social problem in the country. So, ask yourself whether you will choose family or friends when you are in this situation. But remember, it always easier to said than done.