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Saturday, October 24, 2009


Anxiety is the feeling that something unpleasant or dangerous is about to happen. When anxiety is a rational response to recognisable danger, it is not a problem. What makes life difficult is when this feeling anxiety intrudes on a person for no obvious reason. During such moment, the mind is filled with fearful thoughts and the body reacts as if it is in danger, with what is called the flight or fight response. For some people, unwanted anxiety occurs provoked by ordinary situations or places. This is called situational anxiety. For others, anxiety is a persistent background hum that is present almost all the time. This condition is called general anxiety disorder. When anxiety reaches a crescendo, a panic attack ensues. The suffer cringes in fear, trembling and sweating, strugling to breath, and often experiencing a sense of unreality or of imminent loss of consciousness. And it is embarassing because everyone you confide in will most likely says: ''Don't worry. There is nothing to be afraid of".