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Sunday, October 18, 2009


I bet that every one of you must have come across this title. Am I rite?? I sure all of you think that I am going to write about cigarettes, tobacco, stop smoking, lung cancer and all the things that related to the cigarettes matter. But actually I am going to write about latest effect due to the swine flu better known as H1N1. This Influenza A (H1N1) now can cause the blood log and serious damages to the lungs. According to America Roentgenology Journal, there two medical researches that have been make and stated there that people who get the influenza with different symptom need to undergo X-ray and Computer Tomography X-ray (CT) because they found that it is difficult to diagnose the patient with serious symptoms. H1N1 caused pandemic and can affect the young generations even they have strong immune system.

As according to Dr. Daniel Mollura from National Health Clinical Centre Institute, Maryland, there a man who had died due to this influenza and before he died his doctor said that he is not being infected by H1N1 because his doctor had confirmed that he did not get any flu or serious fever although he suffered from serious pain and fever. But after the body of the dead man had been diagnosing by Dr Daniel’s group by using CT machine, they had found that the lungs of the man had been infected by viruses. The viruses that infected the man are Influenza A (H1N1). This influenza will cause ‘pulmonary emboli' that make blood clogging in the artery of the lungs. So, as the prevention we need to make sure that we are wearing the safety mask when we going to do outdoor activities, we also need to make sure that we always wash our hands after sneezing, touching objects or shake hand with people and after using toilets. We also need to take vitamins or other supplement that can strengthen our immune system, for your information we can strengthen our immune system by eating green apple and onion. Although this influenza is not a hot issue now but we need to take the safety precautions for our own benefit . PEACE!!!


KiMkIm said...

Don't forget to those that smoking to stop as smoking can also damage your lungs.