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Friday, October 2, 2009

Natural disasters!!!

The West coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra is reeling from 2 consecutive earthquakes that struck over a 48- hour period. On Wednesday, the first quake measuring 7.6 on a Richter scale, struck at 17:15 local time, 57 km offshore, close to the district of Padang Pariaman in west Sumatra province. The second, measuring 6.8, struck an inland area 225 km southeast of Padang city. In Rome at least 18 people were killed, 40 injured and 20 were missing on Friday after rainstorms in Sicily washed away roads and destroyed homes around Messina.Philippine authorities declared a state of calamity and evacuated 33,000 people from the east of the island as a "super typhoon" bore down on Friday.In Taiwan, authorities identified 12 villages for mandatory evacuation ahead of Parma and another storm in the Pacific, Typhoon Melor.Natural disasters is so near to us and all these news are current news i read in newspaper.Natural disasters can come anytime whenever they want and we as a human being may not be able to escape from all these natural disasters even though we had the technology.The strength of a human being is so small and may end their life in the natural disasters.By combining everybody strength, we are able to give the needy a hand.The technology we have it now may be very high tech but its still a device where error can happen.All these natural disasters is it a sign where our earth is getting ill?Are we suppose to stop all the activities that will worsen our environment?In my opinion,when i was young i remembered the natural disasters does not happen so frequently.I think it means that our earth used to be healthy at that time and now we can read about news on natural disasters very frequent.A human being can seek for a doctor to get medication when he is ill but what about our earth?Is there a doctor that can cure the illness of the earth?If there is i think all the leaders in the whole world will willing to pay him or the group of expertise to save the earth.I think is time for us to do something to save our earth for example count down the usage of plastic bags, close the lights and fans off when you are not using, don't waste water etc.Many people look down on this small things because many people think that is not important.If everyone is doing the same thing for a long period i believe that our environment will change to better and also natural disasters will not happen so frequent.Its the habit that has not been implant into all the human being only a small group of people are aware of this and has make changes for the better environment.We are lucky that we are in Malaysia where we don't have earthquake,typhoon,volcano explosion etc.This doesn't mean that we can just sit down and do nothing to help to change for the better environment.Every small thing matters.For now, people in Indonesia need our help.We can help them by donating food, clean mineral water, clothes and donation. Many people hesitate to donate money because we never know the amount we donate will be send to the needy.It might be true that part or wholly of the money might not be able to reach the needy but at least we have donated and done our part.Food and clean mineral water is essential for the people in Indonesia because they don't have clean water for now.You may just get a cartoon of mineral water and donate to them.This cartoon of mineral water maybe shared by many families.A small things like this is sufficient to help the needy.For all the people out there, please do your part to help the needy.You may not be rich by donating RM3 million or even RM3000 but a small thing will do just to help them.