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Monday, September 28, 2009

Life is fragile.

Tan Shu Fang, yet another victim whom passed away at the hands of a pair of snatch thieves.

It was reported in the Star newspaper yesterday. So happen when I was reading it, I was feeling a tad bit emotional, when I read the story, I was deeply touched by it.

The deceased was only 17 years old, with a bright future ahead of her. She was a straight A's student, she was also confident that she could score well for her SPM. How many students are actually that confident of themselves? I know I am definitely not one. I have my doubts, lots of it at that. So, on the day the accident took place, she was chatting gaily with her mother on the motorbike that they were riding on before the snatch thieves attack. She suffered severe head injuries while her mother got away with minor scratches but I suppose it is just as bad.

While i was reading the news, i felt sad. I was thinking, a girl of 17 with a bright future ahead of her, the experiences that she could have gained in life, the family she could have had, the things she could have accomplish, all vanish in a blink of an eye.

It's a wonder how just a simple bad event or accident as such could just determine a person's fate. I am left to wonder how fragile life really is. One moment you can be here but the next, is anybody's guess. My family suffered such loss before only, it was worse. My cousin did not passed away because of an accident nor illness, she passed away under shocking circumstances. The pain it brought to my family was so great. I have never really seen my mother cried nor wailed that badly but she did when the news came to us.

as much as we have to study or read, have fun at the same time. Remember, all work makes Jack a dull boy. =D

Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. No one could tell what will happen and what will not. That's why the sayings come in "live life to the fullest" or "live like today is your last day", although those two sayings sounded grim but it somehow encourages people to enjoy life and to offer smiles and laughter generously. It also in some way, motivates people to strive for the best in their lives, to aim for the best, to succeed, to achieve things that they want to achieve.

Besides that, the news made me wonder other things as well. Why is our country plagued by this snatch thief problem where else other parts of the world does not seem to be plagued by it? I am not finding anyone to blame but it is just mind boggling in some way isn't? Why is it that there are people who would go to the extend to harming someone just to gain money the easy but cruel way? Is the fault the authorities or the society's? Society tend to be cruel at times, we judge, we condemn before seeing or understanding the whole picture. I am not saying what the snatch thieves done could be forgiven or pardon just like that under any circumstances. Maybe it's because the way we see the mat rempits and tend to judge them as criminals, therefore in the back of their minds, they were thinking that since they were tagged as bad eggs, might as well be the bad eggs!

As for our local authorities, well, as much as I have the freedom of speech, I'll just leave that part out although I personally think that there are ways to not solve but to curb the problem, at least it should get the problem controlled.

Just a little something to lighten up the mood. =)

Back to Tan Shu Fang, although this is a bit pointless but I would like to take the opportunity here to offer my condolences to Tan Shu Fang's family.