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Monday, October 19, 2009

love marriage vs arranged marriage


I have a big question for all of you today. Which one would you prefer, love marriage or arranged marriage? During my foundation, one of my lectures asked the whole class about this matter and most of us chose the love marriage. Why? I don’t know because I chose both of them. Hahha. What about all of you? I’m sure that each of you has good reasons for your own choice. For those who still can’t make up your mind, maybe this post may help you a little bit. After few conversations with my friends, I have list out the advantages and disadvantages for both marriage. You can read all those things and then decide by yourself:

For love marriage, you absolutely know the whole things about you partner. His or her habits, hobby, favourite TV shows or even his favourite colours. You know how to cheer him when he has a sorrow day or how to handle his anger. You can share everything with your partner as you know that he or she loves you, therefore he will accept whoever you are. And the best part is you can live happily with the man or girl you dream of. However, situation might be different in years to come. You may get bored since you know everything about him or her. Just like my friend said, “there is no excitement to be explored more.”

So, how about the arranged marriage? Some of my friends thought that the arranged marriage is the ‘safe marriage’. For this marriage, it absolutely will come with the permission from your parents. However, it may take some times for you to get close with your partner since you know nothing about him or her. Don’t worry, it just another excitement for you to be explored. But, this marriage also has its own risk. You may like and maybe not the things that you will find out in the future. So, you have to be prepared to make adjustments with your married life.

I think that’s all for now. Haha. Please, don’t take this post so serious. It just few opinios from my friends; who does not married yet!