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Monday, October 19, 2009

U.K.M...sincerely from the deep of my heart...

After studying in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia for almost five months, I realized that there a lots of happiness and obstacles that I been through here. I never thought that I will be too busy but never mind it is the spices of life, I take it as a challenge and the most important thing it teach me about how important to manage my time well. I admit that by getting involved in all the assignments and activities such as the PBL and the presentation, I realized that I need to improve my time management.

First and foremost, lets me start by telling you my experiences in completing all the PBL assignments, it is so stressful but yet it give me thousand of satisfaction. Firstly, for the MLS’s PBL we need to make a video about the case that we want to present. So, we choose the case of Re v Advocate, in this video I take a role as Mrs Chai, who is an owner of a boutique. The video making was held in Smart Hotel in Bangi. Although, we are so tired but we are grateful because everyone were enjoying the video and it is truly a funny video. I hope that we will do it again because i enjoyed doing it.

After that, me and my havoc group members need to settle the PBL for Constitution of Malaysia. In this PBL, I become the senior appellant, I am sure this is the first time for us as the first year student of law get involve in mooting. It is so fun, it is just like that we become the real lawyers. even for one day, hehe… Then, In this Contract’s PBL, I become the judge, it was a really challenging task for me. I still remember that moment, when I become too nervous to making the judgment until I do not read my judgment that I prepared before. Uishhh.!!!. but everything is settle now. Thanks god.

Next, I need to work hard to finish my assignment for English for Law. I thought that we(including my group members) cannot finish it but it turned into one of the best presentation I ever done. Moreover, I think this course taught me on how to dealing with people with different background whenever we distributed the questionnaires. urm…one of the respondents is a top lawyer you know… I feel very happy and released because my friends and I could complete all of the assignments. Lastly, I would like to thanks to Mrs Wee because she gives us chances to post the blogs although there some of us keep delaying posting it including me. I’m so sorry….truly from my heart…...THE BITTER SWEET OF LIFE