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Friday, October 23, 2009



do you know about dyslexia? for your information, dyslexia can be said as learning problem that makes people hard to spell, read and write . it occurs because the brain mixes up the letter and words. basically, this problem can be detected at the young age. however, having this problem doesn't mean that your ability to learn is below average. it is not intellectual disability. in fact, many people with dyslexia is intelligent but not able to read well may cause other problems.

until now, there is no finding about the specific cause of this problem. however, this problem often runs in families. in other words, dyslexia can be said as genetic disorder. there are many symptoms of dyslexia among children. they may talks later than expected, being slow to learn new words, has difficulty in rhyming words, slow or inaccurate reading, problem linking letter with sound, confusing short word such as 'at' and 'to' and has difficulty in distinguishing between similar sounds in words, for example 'animal' and 'aminal'. besides, they also may reversing the shapes of written letters such as 'd' for 'b', therefore they also tend to write backward like 'pit' for 'tip'.

there is no specific treatment for this problem as it is lifelong problem. however, early treatment during childhood is needed to ensure that they can live like normal people. the basic treatment consist the educational tools to enhance their ability to read. parents may teach how letters are linked to sound to make words, listen and repeat instructions and ask them to read loudly in order to improve their confidence. the most important thing is the support from their family, children, teachers and the surrounding.

i think that's all can i share for this moment. for those who has extra informations about this problem, you may share it here too! :)