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Friday, October 2, 2009

Raya Holiday!!!

Raya holiday started on the 19th of October and we have a week of break. Everybody was waiting for the arrival of this 1 week holiday.This is also our mid semester break.Although is just one week, but i really felt that i really need this holiday. I can really feel the tense and pressure approaching me after being a law student.This holiday at least let me to release some of my tension and pressure.I went back to my dad's hometown which is situated in Kampar,Perak. I visited my grandmother and we celebrated her birthday.Can you give a wild guess how is her?She is 95 years old this year.We bring her to a restaurant and all of my cousins, aunties and uncles went back to celebrate her birthday.Besid.es that, holiday to me means time for me to recharge my battery even though is not enough to fully charge my battery.I have great time with my grandmother for 5 days.My aunt cook my favourite food almost everyday. The food she cooked is so delicious and i ate a big bowl of rice everyday. My cousin's son and daugther are 2 years old and 8 months old.2 of them are so cute and everyone love to play with them. My grandmother was so glad that all of us celebrated her birthday with her and spend some time with her.I also watched a hong kong drama series and a movie during the holidays.The drama is about fireman while the movie is a Singaporean movie.I like this movie because is not just an ordinary movie on its on but a movie with moral values.This director is very good in directing this kind of movie where all his movie will let us to think about the moral values and not just laugh and forget about the movie we had watch.His moral values may not convey directly to the audience but indirectly you will think about the moral values behind the movie.Nowadays is hard to get a movie where you will think about the moral values after movie and the message that the director wants to convey to the audience.Another thing i have done during the holiday is i went shopping with my friend and my mother. I manage to get 2 pairs of ear ring, few formal blouse and a key chain.I think i really enjoyed my holiday and i didn't really do anything for my pbl. Before having this break , i thought i will use my holiday properly and do some studies since my finals is around the corner but seems like it doesn't works because i' m to reluctant to revise and i just feel like enjoy during the holidays.Selamat hari raya i'm so sorry for the late wishes hope you all don't mind.