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Friday, October 23, 2009

My First Semester in UKM.,..

It is almost the end of my first semester. There are lot of experience that I get in terms of academics,friendship and my social life. I never live afar from my family. So, this is my first time living without my family behind me. At first, it is quite difficult for me to cope my life here, in UKM. But, time passing by..I manage to cope it finally.

On my first lecture in Faculty of Law, I feel lost with all the input that given to me. I cannot understand it! Every end of my day, I will call my mother or my 'beloved friend' to share what am I going for the whole day. They make me feel calm and support me by saying that, " You can do it! Never ever give up,dear". That is what make me strong and having spirit to continue my life here.

Day by day, I met many friends who always sitting beside me. We study,read,run,walk, and laugh together. How nice the moments. Thanks God giving an opportunity to have an experience in this field. I admit that studying the law is very difficult. It is need full commitment or else we will totally lost!

On the second month I am here, I manage to get involve with college activities. Before that, I fell very lonely and my life was too plain! Because I am just go and back from faculty and then staying in my room until tomorrow morning. That was made me crazy. And after all the activities that I joined, I feel very happy and enthusiastic!

But, at the same time I have to balance my academic also. I am still have a lot of assignment to complete, the tutorials, and also my reading. Sometimes, I feel that 24 hours is not enough for me. But, by hook or by crooks, I am still have to finish everything perfectly.

Having the PBL(Problem Base Learning) make me very stress. This was my first time and also my friends to get this assignment and complete it independently. We spent too much time for that thing. But, at the end of our presentation I thought it was very worth and I learn many thing from that job.

Another experience that I learn is from my English for Law course. We manage to make a survey about ' The Emotional Abuse in Marriage'. We want to give an information for people out there about the abuse that become increasing nowadays. Gratefully, we got very supportive respondents who gave us lot of help for our research. And one of our respondent is a foreigner. With her big eyes, sharp nose, curly hair, I really admire her. She is one of the best lawyer from her country. Surprisingly, she gave her opinion about our law in Malaysia. She said that our law is not really well manage but still can be proud in terms of the administration system. And we make a short talk with her. It was very intersting to get know her in her carrier.

Now, the final exam is around the corner. I am really hope that I can score it for this semester. Although it is a big challenge for me, but I know I can do it. And to all my friends, I wish all of you a very good luck and till we meet again on next semester!


Addlin said...

gud luck in your exam...