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Friday, October 23, 2009


One of the main tourist main attraction to Sri Aman, Sarawak or Batang Lupar great river is a Tidal Bore or known as Benak by local Iban or Malay.
The benak of the Batang Lupar first becomes visible in the estuary region of Pulau Seduku. It reaches its peak as it passes the town of Sri Aman, 90km from the estuary. Along the banks of the town a tidal watching festival was inaugurated on the King Tide of 5th May 2001 - the Pesta Benak. This gave the local boatmen an opportunity to show their skills to tourists, surfing the bore in longboats. Prior to the event, several days were spent flushing crocodiles out of the river for the safety of tourists!
The benak continues its journey another 30km inland, ending near the small village of Engkilili.
For those who would like to see Batang Lupar Tidal Bore or Benak the best time for you to see benak is in month of May.
Welcome to Sri Aman the city of Bujang Senang and Benak...