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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Having read Prof Dr Nor Hashimah Jalaludin commentary on this newaspaper today(berita harian,Oct 23)'Why PPSMI reversal makes sense',i concede that for the benefit of the majority of the students expecially those in rural areas,it makes sense for Science and Mathemathics to be taught in their mother language.However there are several points I disagree with.

She stated that having English and Malay medium schools divided our nation into separate halves,creating a very wide gap and that one of the main reasons for the use of Bahasa Malaysia as the single medium of instruction in schools was to unite Malaysians.Unfortunately,Bahasa Malaysia has failed to unite Malaysians because our school system is not only divided into halves but also consists of Chinese -Tamil medium school.Therefore why not have english medium schools for those who wish it,expecially in urban areas.She also said there was a wide gap between English and Malay medium schools of the past.

Is she then suggesting that English medium schools should not be allowed to exist as the children there would progress farther and faster than those in Malay medium schools?

Malaysia hopes to attract foreigners to invest here or award jobs to Malaysian companies looking to venture overseas.

We have professionals who are competent in their respectives technical fields,but many are unable to communicate well in english.Does that make good bussines?would foreigners want to hire or work with people that they have difficulty understanding?She also stated that the decline in the command of english has nothing to do with the use of Bahasa Malaysia as the medium of instructuon for science and mathematics in schools.That may be true,but to improve English proficiency you must get students to think,explain and communicate in English.

One of the problems associated with the implementation of PPSMI is in the inability of science and mathematics teacher,who were taught and trained in Bahasa Malaysia to make the switch to English.I am not saying that teachers are not good enough but it creates difficulties to them to teach science and mathematics in Eglish.I always believe that PPSMI should not be reversed as it brings so much of benefits to our generation.