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Friday, October 23, 2009

Budget 2010. 1Malaysia, Together We Prosper.

"1 Malaysia, Together We Prosper"

Our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has recently theme the new fresh Budget 2010 as "1Malaysia, Together We Prosper". I know this just now by 'accidentally" watching TV3 news at KKM's cafe. The 10th Malaysia Plan will be filled as much as RM191.5 billion, a quite small number for a foundation for our new economic model.

There will be three main strategies in this new budget, which are driving the country into a high income economy, ensuring holistic and sustainable development, also focusing on the well being of the rakyat. These strategies should come with a great enforce of implementation from our very own government - Malaysia. It is hard to drive a country into a high income economy but it never be a possible thing to do. This is because, even we have so much rural areas in our country, in the downtown area but we still have the center of economic growth such as Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru. Who knows, someday we can be like Singapore or much more develop than them. In order to ensuring the holistic and sustainable development, again, it all depends on the way our 'man' govern the country. Government really should focus on the well being of their rakyat as rakyat was the strongest medium to bring the country to another level, especially youth.

In this new budget, there will be greater rewards for students who excel in their study, for example, 30 National Scholarships for the creme de la creme students, strictly based on merit. Conversion of PTPTN loans to scholarships for students who graduate with 1st class honours degree will be given to students starting 2010. The greater news for 'onliners' is that, there will be offer of netbook package, including free broadband service, to university students for RM50 per month for 2 years. It is best to use this offer in university such as UiTM, because they got not much coverage of Wireless Fidelity (WiFi). This offer will worth for them.

The Budget also includes the Permata programme in it, as stated in the Budget that it emphasise on early childcare and education, including the gifted child programme. It is important, for me I think it is best to invest the budget in this programme due to its benefits that our youngsters can get. Likewise, education is the most fundamental yet so very important in the era of globalisation nowadays. In addition, this programme also joined the gifted child in it. It is good to hear that these special kid will be treated as great as normal child.

I stress much on education matter so I would like to conclude on my view that, that government should implement those billions on education wisely. As education is very important for us to stay as united 1Malaysia thus bring us to another level of country - develop country. As what our Prime Minister has enforced in 1Malaysia nation - Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan or generally translated as "People First, Achievements Prioritized".