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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

PBL-Problem Base Learning

Now is officially the end of PBL or Problem Base Learning. Actually it's because we have submitted our last report which is for contract. Now that I think of it PBL wasn't so bad if everybody coopreated and do their part earnestly. So far I think UKM is the only university which conducts this form of study. The PBL involves three major law subjects which are Contracts, Consti and MLS. The students were divided into 6-7 group of people which were randomly picked by the lectures and are expected to work together to conduct a mini mooting session. It was a real great experience especially for the first year students as it was their first step to expose hidden tallents in the law fields.At first I thought PBL was a waste of time and energy because it involves major teamwork. I found out most groups faced different kind of problems concerning teamwork because not everyone can give their full commitment. Some even depend on others to gain good scores such as taking advantage over other team members. There was one group I heard complaining about their team member taking advantage over others just because he knew more about the assignment given. Not only did he not help the others, he even used them in order to get good greds. Besides that, there are various other problems faced by the first year students throughout the PBL weeks but by hook or by crook they have to overcome it as a form of challenge. All and all the students experience a lot of new things throughout the PBL and they have deffinitely gain lot of extra knowledge by it. So far the PBL have been quite a successful form of study for both the students and the lectures and I think it should be continued.