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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

PBL oh PBL.,.!!

PBL is a short form for Problem Learning Base.,.
i spent lot of time for pbl.,i am really worry about this because it is bring 60 percent for my marks!

Actually,we got 3 pbl, which are for Malaysian Legal System(MLS), Contract and also Constitution.For MLS, we have to make a short video and drama for this course.My group, Mens Rea decided to choose Mighell v. Sultan of Johore case.We make the drama at FUU. haha.,.Our drama was very dramatic and superb!With the Winter Sonata,Korean drama song as the backup music it is very touching..Somebody said she want to cry when watching my group's drama.It is work!

After the video,we have to make live drama in front of lecturer and our friends.Ooopsss.,.!!I am so nervous that time.But,I am tried to be cool and professional being a council for Sultan of Johore.And, at last I win the case.Everyone in my group were very happy after all the sweat and effort that we put in the work.

Well,even though we got a tough period of finishing the PBL, but at the end of the day I realize that PBL is very effective because it was like a fun learning to make us more understand about the course.For me,PBL is a gud method for first year student like us.

Lastly, I want to dedicate a special thanks for all my group member, Mens Rea for their cooperative and gave me a lot of help.Thank you guys!


KiMkIm said...

now u can comment. huhu. luckily i manage to change the comment setting