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Friday, October 23, 2009

Time to correct the imbalance

Last two weeks,i went to 1Malaysia seminar organised by the National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN).The speaker is Prof Datuk Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi,and he highlighted the unhealthy racial composition in the civil service.According to him,the lopsided racial composition of the civil service is the result of ignoring the provisions in the Federal Constitution that prohibit race discrimination.In my view,these provisions have been conveniently forgotten for obvious reasons.This sentiment which was once held solely by the non Malays is now increasingly being shared by more and more Malays as well.This is a positive and encouroging development that came into being after the last general elections.The civil service is an important instituition as it forms the backbone of the government in its servivce to the people of diverse ethnicity and must be seen to be fair and independent.It is vital that its racial composition reflects of the country for a healthier,impartial and more professional service to the people.The racial imbalance is not healthy and must readressed as failing to do so may have far reaching implications on the peace and harmony in the country.In fact this lopsided racial composition in the civil service,including public universities and other government controlled instituitons,can be said to be main contributing factor to the deteriorating race relations in the country and the fundamental cause of many socio political ills that plague us today.The Federal Constitution is very clear in providing for the special status of the Malays and other bumiputra groups from Sabah and Sarawak and it equally guarantees the legitimate interests of the other races in the country.It further stipulates that job opportunities and promotions in the public service should be awarded fairly to all deserving Malaysians.Of late,the effects of this monopolisation of the civil service by a single ethnic group have been manifested in the many unhealthy incidents that have shocked the nation in recent times.The civil service is seen to be a Malaysian instituition and any action taken by its staff against non malays is perceived to be racially biased ,which may not be the case in many instances.We have come a long way since independence and it is time to regard all citizens as equal,with equal opportunities to serve the nation without discrimination.Unless we tap the potential of all based purely on merit,there is no way we can move forward in today's highly competitive global community.We must believe and propagate that belief to all around us that what brings us together as Malaysians is far stronger that what pulls us apart.i hope that my opinions are not offencing others.This is just my personal views.