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Sunday, October 25, 2009



The world that we live in now is badly affected by pollution. The rivers and seas are polluted also the air and land. Consequently the things we drink, breathe in and eat are all polluted.

This sad state of affairs do no good for our health and well being. Pollution is virtually destroying the place we live in which is earth. Ih pollution is allowed to go on and on we will surely destroy ourselves too. We ought to value our planet for it is only place we can live in. if we destroy it then we also finished.

Eliminating pollution completely is impossible. So it is important that we try to keep pollution to a minimum. There are many things that we can do to reduce it. The very first thing for everyone is yo stop dumping rubbish anywhere they like. Empty cans and bottles, sweet wrappers, plastic bags full of smelly stuff, dead animals, food are items that can be found in the rubbish dumps. Perhaps we could recycle the things we used instead of simply throwing them away.

Motor vehicles are a major cause of air pollution. They emit much exhaust fumes. In big cities this pollution has reached levels that pose a threat to the health of the city dwellers. The only way to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads. This is easier said than done for very few people would want to sacrifice the convenience of having one’s own transport.

Factories and industrial plants are largely responsible for pollution of the air, water and land. The waste they discharge into the rivers and land destroy both. The smoke they emit pollute the air. What they must do is to find ways to reduce their wastes. Also they they have to treat their wastes so that they are less harmfull. Then they have to find ways to reduce the smoke they emit. All these things are required if we are to see any reduction of pollution. At the rate things are going however, we see increase in pollution instead.

Weather we can really reduce pollution and thus save our planet is up to us. Pollute it more and we shall perish..