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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

" Sweet Memories"

Wow,what a beautiful moment when I received my offer letter from National University of Malaysia.Tears of joy were rolling down my eyes.My family was extremely happy to hear I was accepted as a law student as there are no lawyers in my family and it was also my first choice.

Immediately after receiving my offer, I started to do my preparations to avoid doing my work at the 'eleventh hour'.As the registration was on the 28th of June,my parents and I left Penang on the 27th of June via tour bus.

After reaching Kuala Lumpur, we stayed at Pearl International Hotel as we just embarked on a long journey for six hours.I enjoyed spending each and every seconds with my parents as we know time is precious, its an asset that we should never wait to lose before we start appreciating it.

As the next day begins, we checked out the hotel at 8.30 am and started our journey to the National University of Malaysia.I was really looking forward to see how the university looks like as I have just heard about it, thinking of how my friends would be, my hostel, my room mate and especially ragging.I was seriously trembling in fear as i heard they do have ragging system.Oh, my god!!!

Later, I completed my registration and my parents left after preparing everything for me there.The orientation week was going on smoothly but of course it was a tiring week.I always believe that we have to accept frustrations as we know 'we cannot always expect for roses'.

My seniors were very kind and helpful.They guided me throughout the week and even till today.I am happy to be a resident of Aminuddin Baki's College.