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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Assalamualaikum.Peace be upon you.Salam Ramadhan.

A bit about me, I am just a simple Kampung Girl came into city without knowing what has been installed for me - in this UKM for the next 4 years. Since everyone blurbbing about their experience and current issues so on. Let me blurb about my hometown – Tawau,Sabah. I am very sure that not everyone know about Tawau. Therefore, it is my responsibility to introduce you guys about Tawau. I will paste few pictures regarding Tawau for you to get a better ‘illustration’ on how Tawau is actually. It tooks only 2 hours and 45 minutes by flight from KL to Tawau.

Tawau is not that ‘bad’ – for those who think Tawau is so downtown, with no building, no infrastructure. For your information, Tawau came in second after Kota Kinabalu (KK). The main town area can be divided into three sections, i.e. Sabindo, Fajar and Tawau Lama or Old Tawau. Federal House, where most government offices such as the Immigration Department and the National Registration Department are located is found in Sabindo area. Fajar is the commercial area, where major banks are located. Also, the very right place to chill with friends, and Conrado’s Club is my favourite place to chill with brother,cousins and obviously – friends,haha. The Tawau District Court is also situated here.

There’s few places you can go for pleasure, such as Tawau Hills Park, "Lost World of Sabah" – Maliau Basin ,Shan Shui, The Tawau Tanjung Market - the biggest market in Malaysia, Sabindo food court, Fajar, Sabah's largest mosque – Al Kauthar Mosque also located in Tawau. For shopaholics! Don’t worry, eventhough Tawau has no MV or PAVI or even OU, we still got shopping malls. Better than UNIKEB for sure!

Makan time! Tawau do got Sulawesi Soto Makassar (buffalo soup), a Bugis specialty; Pisang Goreng' or 'Sanggar' ' (fried bananas), Ubi Goreng (fried tapioca), Onde-onde (glutinous rice with savoury taste roasted in banana leaves), Kuih Pandan (Pandan rice cake), Karipap (Curry Puff), Kuih kacang (Peanut pancake spread with Kaya coconut jam), Bubur Chaca(local dessert served with tapioca, sweet potato and sago in sweet coconut milk) is some of the cuisine can be found in Tawau. "Nasi Kuning" or yellow rice is an Indonesian specialty that cannot be found anywhere else in Malaysia except Tawau. Also Tauhu mee. "Amplang" is also another cuisine which cannot be found anywhere else in Malaysia except Tawau.

I think I blurbs to much, its like promoting Tawau. Anyway, for further information, just google or go to e-tawau. You’ll get much more than you expected. Here few pictures for you guys.