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Sunday, August 23, 2009

im a fan of maddy

hai friends!!! hmm let me open my topic...actually i wanted to share with u about my favourite actor since i was small...that was MADHAVAN...Well for those chinese and muslims..sure you all wondering who is that.okey madhavan is a tamil actor who is well-known among indian community..he had been acting in many films including hindi movie.
His name is Madhavan Raghavan,35,born on 1st June at Bombay.Before he enters the movie industry,he get married to his wife,Saradha which is love marriage!(hmm im sad).He is an engineering graduate who starts his working field as lecturer.Later on he get intrested in movie and get his first attention in hindi serial 'saaya'.And than he appear in first tamil movie,Alaipayuthey.Wow this movie is wonderfull and amazing.The story is about romantic love with the heroin,Shalini.The songs is superb which composed by AR Rahman.
Later he acted in Minnale(my most favourite movie),its about love story which i admire it too.Its about how a true love will success although they have to overcome many problems!!Although lie is there,the love is always eternal.(my mottto).Than, his movie Laysa Laysa came...i was form 3 when i watched the movie.The story is wonderful(of course its maddy movie what!!),and the ending of the movie madhavan will die,but it never appear in the movie..Friends,you dont be surprised that i cried for almost 2 days because he died in the story(crazy right).Hmm i was dissapointed although it was just a movie.
Lastly,its all about the one,and only and forever favourite actor in my life!! Ooops,forgot to mention it earlier.Madhavan is a first ranking in cutest man smile category(hensem too) and romantic hero.