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Monday, August 24, 2009


Honestly, up until now this is the first time I've ever posted a blog but you know how people say it's better late than never. It took me quite some time to think of a topic for my very first blog and suddenly it just came to me to talk about the things I enjoy most in life. By now, probably most of my friends are already aware that I am totally indulged in the foreign entertainments especially in the Japanese and Korean. However, I'm going to specifically talk about the Japanese animation or better known as anime. My friends used to refer me as an 'animaniac' which is the short for anime maniac. I've watched almost all of the anime movies and dramas, listened to their songs and have read so many of the mangas (comics). My eyes would sparkle when ever I talk about this field, the story, characters, songs and I mean everything. Moreover, I can even draw some of the characters myself. Some of you might think that this is childish and a waste of time but you might be suprised to know that there are so many benefits to it. Firstly, you can actually learn so many stuffs through this media. In Japan, the anime wave had become so influential among the people especially teenagers and children that it became one of the primary channel used by the local authority to convey various type of informations towards its citizens. Most of the animes are created based on plots that contains lots of meaningful messages and lessons to be told to the public at large. Usually, they include lessons on cherishing your family, friendship, love, morality and many more based on the daily life of the people but visualized through beautiful drawings of the anime. It always amazes me how they manage to turn an average high school life for example, into the most interesting tale of a persons life and to turn a boring board game of Shogo ( ancient Japanese board game) into a whole lot of fun and adventure. They also never failed to use the opportunity to display their local cultures and traditions, the food they eat, the way they dress on various occasions and many others. However, the most important thing I learned through anime is speaking in Japanese. When you're used to watching and listening like me, you eventually tend to understand the language spoken without even having to look at the subtitles. Now, I can even converse in Japanese with my sister which is very fun, interesting and definitely an advantage in todays life. These are just small peaks on the advantages of anime. For further details you can directly ask me later.