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Sunday, August 23, 2009


hi! if i'm not mistaken everyone here seems more into the current issues right? but right now i'm thinking to write about something else- not the current one but more to psychological issue. can i?

why people tend to lie? anybody knows the answer?
nowadays, whether we realized it or not, lying is quite common among people whether children, teenager or even adult! sometimes, it can be said that this practice is seems acceptable by society since no one is immune from deception or deliberately misleading others. the question right now; is it really can be accepted?

generally, lie can be done in three ways. firstly, falsifying information whereby we are swearing the truth when the contrary is true. secondly, withholding information. it means that we are presenting part of the truth, NOT the whole story. lastly, manipulating information which means misleading understanding by implying one truth to draw attention of others from the other truth. in my opinion, when lie is defined like this, seems no one is immune from this practice. am i right? (-,-)'
why do people lie actually? normally, for children- they tend to lie to avoid parental disapproval. nowadays, most of the parents are seem competing each other to show that their children are good in everything. they want their children to be the best student, involve in sports and whatsoever- you cannot do that, do this or otherwise, i'll be angry. at the end of the day, their children choose to lie because not all of them are interested with those activities and they know its the only way to satisfy their parents.
then, for teenagers- most of the times, they tend to lie to impress others whether friends, lectures, parents or maybe their partner. last week, i read an article regarding this issue. according to the article, some teenagers consider lying as a survival skill as to success in their study. hee..is it true?
so, how about the 'white lie'? even though it clearly impart incorrect informations, it do not harm. for example, a teen might compliment his or her friend's haircut or new outfit, when he or she does not like it at all.
now, back to the earlier question- is lying really can be accepted? for me, its simple. even though this practice is so commonplace, no one should assume it is acceptable behaviour . it do followed by negative consequences- as it always do. ^_^