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Tuesday, August 25, 2009



Refugees or asylum seekers? I bet everyone must wonder who they are. Actually they are a group of people that been chased out from their country. This migration is due to the violation towards them in their own country such as ethnic cleansing, war and violation of rights. On the other hand, asylum seekers are persons who are seeking the recognition as refugees. Therefore, asylum seekers are persons who request for recognition in a certain country. Then, when the request had been accepted, they will officially know as refugees. These refugees are usually from conflict counties such as Palestine, Bangladesh and Myanmar. As we know the countries that have been mentioned are the countries that warfare still happened. In this moments onwards, I will raise the problems that been faced by the refugees.

There are several problems that being faced by these refugees. The main problem that still remains unsolved is about their nationality. They are being chased from their country by particular social group or government that has different political opinion and race with them. Commonly, these particular social groups will held an ethnic cleansing to threaten them, and they also being prosecuted without being trial and most of them are usual people who are not guilty. For instant, these refugees group will be detent and being killed. In some other countries such as Burma or also known as Myanmar, their government declared war toward these people, so they were killed in the armed force attacks. Then, in order to seek for protection they run to the nearest country as illegal migrant.

Additionally, after all these things, their problems do not end when they finally migrated to the nearest country, their rights as asylum seekers been violated. Firstly, when they are entered the country they are faced other obstacles involving harsh interrogation and detention. While their application for asylum is being processed and even when their refugee status has been determined they also will confronted other restriction and problems. Moreover, they will find themselves are unable to obtain employment, started are business and purchase land. Then most of their children do not get opportunity to get proper education and believe it or not most of them not go to school.

Beside, the other problem that they need to confront is their life, liberty and security is being violated. In some other countries refugees are subjected to attacks, oppression and abuse. Many of them killed in the armed attacks on refugee camps and settlements. Then, their young males and minors are being recruited into armed and guerrilla bands and they are FORCED to fight in civil wars. Their females also being harassed , rape and other forms of abuses.

The United Nation has established the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in order to curb the violations towards refugees. But until now, the problems that related to the refugees remain unsolved because the people of the world do not realize that the refugees are also human being who got the right to be equally treated.