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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Because of H1N1

I just went to 1 Utama shopping mall just now.The car park is so empty and I can just park at any empty lot as I like.As everyone know now is mega sales season everybody and especially girls would come out to shop at this season.This is the time you can grab cheap stuff.As compare to last year, I can't see the crowd in 1 Utama and even most of the shop have put big signs on discount,sales etc I could notice that the crowd is not there anymore and the salesperson is so free. I think there are two factor that contribute to this the first one is H1N1 and the other one is because of recession but I think H1N1 is the main factor.We are told to wear mask to protect ourself and also not to spread the virus to others if you are ill.I can see that most of the people didn't wear the mask and even children also didn't wear it.I think that the parents should ask their children to wear the mask when they are in public areas.I understand that is not comfortable to wear mask but children is susceptible to the virus due to the weak immune system.The price for the mask is 4 for RM5.00(Guardian) and mask is available in pharmacy.The mask may not help much but prevention is better than cure.Parents please buy mask for your children and ask them to wear it even to school.Educate your children how to use it and teach them they right way to wash their hand.Till today, the number of death remain at 68.It's good news to the people in Malaysia since the number of death have not been increase for 3 days.National Day is coming soon if you want to countdown in any public place, please remember to wear your mask and for those who are going back to your hometown please wear your mask too when you are waiting for bus.Beware of pickpocket in Pudu bus station, Hentian Kajang,KTM station and public areas.