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Friday, August 21, 2009

Adopt Or Not?????

Recently i just read a report regarding adopting orphans issue from a local newspaper and i feel very disappointed with the mindset of Malaysian.According to the ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, the reason of low adoption rate is due to the choosy attitude by the adopted parents. The most common case is where many prospective family refuse the adopt the children which do not match with their requirement which is-CUTE.

Those family only willing adopt the children that they think are cute and those children who are not cute will be not in their consideration list. According to the research from the non-profit organization Orphan Care, most of the couple will adopt children below the age of 1 because they are cute during that time and those who are above the age of one are not that "popular".

In my opinion, i really thinks that it is the time that the people of Malaysia should change their mindset and they must act fast in order the preserve the welfare of the orphan in our country. The children are not a “doll" or "antique" to couple, they shouldn't just adopt a children where they think are cute, what they should consider is whether they manage to give the children a proper family atmosphere. If they continue with this kind of mindset can we imagine what will happen to the adopted children? What if one day the children no longer cute, will they just abandon the children by without giving them a proper care? Owing to this reason, the one who will suffer in the end is the children,they've been abandon once by their genetic parents and its a cruel if they have to encounter this fact twice in their lifetime.

Children should have a great time and fun in their childhood and not been abandon or discriminate by their parents or adopted parents.The ministry of
Women, Family and Community Development should take this matter seriously because this may affect the image and the future of pour country. What will other country think of country if they found out the shortcoming in our country adoption procedure. Besides that, as we all know children is the future leader of our country and what will happen if our future leader grow up in a in a terrible mess and how they going to lead our country to a brighter path?

Here are some solutions that i would like to share. First of all, the government site should launch a awareness campaign in order to change the stigma of the society in adopting children. Secondly, the government should avoid unmarried couple or individuals to adopt children because it is hard form them to give the children a normal or proper family atmosphere ( a proper family should consist of father, mother and children and not a single individual or unmarried couple). Last but not least the government should build up awareness of unwanted pregnant among Malaysian especially the youngster in order the decrease the matter of unwanted babies and consequently the problem of adoption also will be getting lesser.

This is what i want to share and may all of the children in our country have a bright future.

Babies really cute and they still cute even they are angry. LOL