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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Degree in Law

Now, we are in week seven and we will be reaching week eight this monday. For this past seven weeks, I still can't cope well in my studies. I found myself to be blur during lecture. But, luckily sometimes I can do well in tutorials but it was still not good enough as sometimes I'm a bit blur and suddenly panick where I couldn't recall any words and phrases in my brain when answering the lecturers question during tutorials.

At first when I was accepted by National University of Malaysia, I was so happy. My family also felt happy for me. After the registration day, my father brought me to lunch and the whole family left me to go home. I was quite sad as I am apart of my family. But I know, in order to succeed I need to sacrifice something.

In UKM, I am glad that I got many new friends that is multiracial. Although that I am from UiTM Shah Alam doing my foundation in Law, I like UKM better than UiTM. At my first time entered a class, we have been told by the lecturer that UKM use different format to value their students achievement. 60 percent is from on-going assessment where it consist of test, tutorials and the last four to three weeks, we would have our final presentation. The final examination only contribute 40 percent. This is very different to UiTM where 60 percent is final examination while 40 percent is on-going assessment throughout the semester.

So, now I am going and will be studying hard and smart so that I would not dissappointed my family, lecturers and even myself. Once I had entered and start to read law, I know that I must go on and never turning back and I must finish my study in the 2013.

Good luck everyone.