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Friday, August 14, 2009

Just A Mere Thought.


Since no one would like to start posting, is it okay if i do it first? I'd be so honored to do so! =)

Alright, well, blogging is not something new for me. I've my own private blog, therefore i hope this should be a breeze for me. As for you guys who have never blog before, no worries, it is real easy. ; )

A week or two ago, i came across a very intriguing news about a new technology whereby parents can choose the gender of their own babies. Well, i am sure that it has hit some part the world and i am sort of sure that it has finally landed in Malaysia. Here is the thing, is it right for parents to choose the baby's gender?

In my own humble opinion, i don't think it is right. Why? Well, firstly it is against the law of nature's order. I don't think it's natural to choose the baby's gender.

It has been in the history that every race, no matter chinese, indian, malay, eurasian, europian, italian or whatsover, they prefer a baby boy in the family, just so the family tree would go on, just so the name of the family would go on and just so the baby boy once grown into a man would inherit the properties or the family wealth. Eventhough the world has evolved, people's thinking has changed, however this gender issue still rages on and on. Just imagine being able to choose the baby's gender, what would happen to the world's population? The males would definitely over rule the females.

as we all know, none could live without the other.

There is a reason why sometimes we wish for a boy but we'll have a baby girl instead and why we wish for a girl but gets a baby boy instead. I don't know how it works but i believe that every child born to the world regardless of its gender, is here to balance up the population. Being able to choose a child's gender would simply mess up the law of nature - balance. It's like studying, we can't be studying all the time, we need to have fun, we need to mingle around, socialize, play sports and isn't that what the government is trying to achieve? to balance out the students abilites and capabilites. The same concept applies to the balance of the genders. The amount of males equals to the amount of females.

Let's take an example. China's overpopulated already and each family yearns for a baby boy. I think China's government limits to 2 kids per family and each extra kid they have in the family would be fined. So imagine if a family gets to choose the gender and let's say if they really yearn for boys, imagine each family with 2 baby boys. China would be overflowed by males!

Secondly, this gender choosing scheme would only promote sexism to a higher level. I wouldn't say that sexism is really a strong issue in our country but it is a strong issue in some parts of the world. How would this scheme promote sexism to a higher level? Having to decide the gender is the first step to sexism. If the family insists on only males then they are discriminating the females and if the family insists only females then they are discriminating the males. Of course, this doesn't apply widely. Just an illustration.

If our government say yes to this scheme i think a few laws should be implemented on it. Like for example a family with a minimum of 3 kids of the same gender and would like the fourth one to be of another gender then they shall be permitted or granted with that request with valid reason of course.

I don't think it is wise to allow people to choose and to determine the gender of their kids right from the start. But i wouldn't say that this scheme is all that bad. I suppose it has its own pros and cons but right now, i am seeing the cons.

I'm sorry if my article or my opinion somehow hurt some of you guys feeling. Again, i am just stating my opinion. You guys are free to agree and disagree about it. =)