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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

what on earth is this?

Maybe I was the last person to post my journal on this blog. But I'm just a human that make mistake. Human error can happen anytime,anywhere.

Some people might say, it is just another government university. But for me UKM is a new world waiting to be explored by the person who was chosen to be here. Here, I found someone that really excited for the upcoming days. She said something really brilliant which is life is only once,so better be enjoy! I don’t really like to talk current issues but I had to expressed what I feel about recent thing that happen around me.
When I walked out of my college, I saw so many people wearing a mask. It’s not that I don’t like to see people taking a precaution to protect their life but walking around and facing thousand of peoples a day…what did you expect from a thin layer of cloth that covered up your face?
Being a UKM student thought me how to survive by myself. From the MMP week until now, I learn to live my own life. I didn’t expect to face the situation like this but as a human without any super powers, I admit that I had to put myself under the mercy of God, hoping that I’m not the one that will die at young age just because of that crazy virus. Hopefully this virus will stop spreading and we, all the Malaysians can live without any fear of losing our life to the H1N1.
In a few more days we will celebrating the independence day. Will this special day of our nation be celebrated like the years before? Lets wait and see if the H1N1 really can messed up with our patriotisme value.