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Monday, September 7, 2009


I have not spent too much time to enjoy my year-end holidays after my STPM examination last year. This is because I had promise my friends to find some jobs in the city after our Form 6 studies. We decided to gain some working experience. However, we had no idea what kind of jobs we were be equal to. Some of us decide to work as clerical at firms or accountancy companies. Some of us were more interest in beauty or cosmetic jobs. Anyway, we were not anxious to find the suitable jobs on the first day we came to Kuala Lumpur. I remember that we just busy for shopping at Times Square and Sungai Wang on that day!

After the whole day rambled at shopping center, we took a rest at a cafe. We were attracted by a loud music from a karaokoe, Green Box nearby. Wayne, one of my friend walked approach to ask for vacancies. Finally, we have been admitted for that job after interviewed by the manager and we were sent to the another outlet, Red Box Garden at the Mid Valley.

“Oh my God! It is too beautiful and gorgeous!” This is my first impression on my working place, Red Box Garden. Different with the other outlets, it is larger as it has 60 rooms including 4 VIP rooms for some special party or function, such as birthday party or theme party. Behind the lobby, a buffet counter was stated. The international buffer will be served during the dinner section. Therefore, the customer can try variety type of food at here besides enjoy themselves with singing. There was also stated a open bar behind the buffet counter.

My friends and I was divided into the different departments. I was employed as a receptionist. My main jobs is to make the room booking for the customers through the phone or on-line services. Besides this, I need explain the customers’ spences and promote them some party packages. This means that my job was related directly with the sales.

After few weeks I work at there, I was more understanding about the operation of the company. I also opportune to learn how to arrange and organize a big event or function. The most memorable event is the Media’s Night. We were make a very dense preparation for this event such as decoration, food serving and entertainment programmes. Many important media authorities were invited as guests, such as MY FM, THE STARS, NEW STRAITS TIMES and others. There were also inculded the attendence of public figures like artists, models and television’s directors. Finally, we got a very excellent feedback from them by saying that they have a memorable and wonderful night at Reb Box Garden on that day.

I felt very happy and learnt a lot during my work at Red Box Garden. I learnt the communicate skills with the customers, the operation on running a business and the problems resolve through the weekly meeting. I think some of the elders will seem the entertainment places are completely but I want to deny this assumption because the concept of the Red Box is equal to every society groups like teenagers and families.