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Sunday, September 13, 2009


This Friday, 11 September2009 was Cultural Carnival of Pesta Tanglung UKM session 30. This event was held at the Building of Persatuan Hokkien Ulu Langat ,Kajang. Many UKM students was took part in this carnival as it is a grand annual event which opened to all the races. Besides inherit the Chinese’s cultural to the young generation, the purpose of organizing such event is to expose our Chinese’s cultural to the other races.
I took part as a committee in this event. I was in the Fashion & Make Up Group. The preparatory work of this events had been took time around 2 months. I felt touch when I saw all the committee devote their commitment on this event! Some of them even stayed up late for the preparatory works. They set up the sound system, decorate the stage with the colourful ‘tanglung’ and make the performances’ dresses. Besides, the performers and dancers also did their rehearsal to make sure their wonderful performance.
The day we waiting for was finally came. On that day, many people came here to enjoy the stage performance. The first performance is the ‘Lion Dance’. Then, it continue with the sketch, piano and dance performance. I involved myself in the make up show. All the models make up and dressing with the elegant evening gown. We also painted with the body art by the professional make up artists from Gogo Make Up Academic. We did our best our performance and we gained the big clap from the audiences.
The second day, I had involved in the another job. I help the visitors to make up and dressed with the Japan or Korea traditional clothes for photographing. We will send the photos to the visitors by email. Our group success to earn RM700 with this jobs.
Besides the stage performance, there were some other interesting activities. The visitors can enjoy themselves by singing inside a ‘Kala Kala Car’ which was sent by the sponsor. Many stalls were there, selling foods, drinks and souvenirs. There was also a guide play the buffoon to amuse the visitors!

I really enjoyed myself with this grand event. I had learnt a lot from it, teamwork, friendship and so on and so on. We work together and had a great time together. This will be my appreciate memory.