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Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Addition.

On the 3rd of August, my elder sister was admitted into the hospital. I was worried. I was excited. I was..well, everything! All my emotions were jumbled up. I wanted so much to visit her in the hospital. But of course, i had to concentrate on my work and uni. While i was on break, my brother-in-law send me an MMS. Guess what was it?

Say hello to the new addition in my family! Her name is Joey Gan.

Yup, that's my niece! Looking at the picture, tears started to welled up in my eyes at that moment.

I don't know about you but i find babies beautiful. They radiate this glow that says, "hello world, here i come!". Babies are amazing beings. They are so just and pure. She's just my niece but i love her so much. Whenever i look at her, i just know i want the best for her as well as her parents and her grandparents. I want to be there when she grows up, i want to be the best aunt ever. Now isn't that such wishful thinking? =)

The thing is, although i'm not so far from home, i find it hard to visit them. Life in uni is really hectic. Assignments and studies, i find myself not having personal time of my own during the weekdays. As for weekends, i am sorry to say, i spend most of my time either relaxing and cleaning my room which is always dusty or rushing to complete assignments.

Anyway, the first time i visited them, mother and daughter, i was really excited. I mean like, a baby? finally? So anyway, when i first saw baby Joey, she was so so so tiny! About the same size of her bolster! But lo behold! Do not be fooled by her appearance. Baby Joey has such lungs that could make you squirm and wish you have brought earplugs too! But you know what? i enjoy every second of it even though she was screaming her lungs off. I find it cute. The way her face becomes red, the way she want her mom to feed her, new life always amazes me. =)

Joey smiling on being one week old.

Yes, that picture was taken when she was one week old. Smiling as she was playing her daddy. The smile truly reflects the pure joy radiating from her.

The next time i visit her, she was just a little bigger than before and looking so adorable. While she was sleeping, her face becomes red, her body sort of trash about like she's fighting off invisible forces. It makes me ponder what was she dreaming about. Like, what do babies dream really? As adults, sometimes we dream really funny things and we know what is it about but what about babies, what do they dream? what do they see in their dreams? how do they feel about them?

Really makes me wonder. Baby Joey just turned a month's old yesterday. Hmm. My bad, i forgot to wish her Happy One Month Old, maybe i should just drop by later. =)

Well, i guess that's all for now for my second post. Hopefully i'll come out with something even better for the next one because writing needs inspiration and ideas. ;) I am currently out of it due to worrying and thinking too much about Contracts tutorial question.