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Friday, September 11, 2009

Reading Law...

Law is a subject that requires lots of reading.We have to read and keep on reading.'Reading Maketh A Full Man', quoted by a famous and celebrated English philosopher Francis Bacon which means anyone who aspires to become a complete human being, have to read and keep on reading.

This is where the trouble starts.As this year is our first year, we are required to take three law subjects, which is the Contract Law, Constitutional Law and the Malaysian Legal System.It may sound little and some may even say, 'well, its only three...anyway' but we as the law students understand the pain and the hard time we have to go through reading all those law books.

On the other hand, we must always expect the unexpected.For each subject, we have cases, sections, articles and many more.The cases can even reach up to 21 pages and as I read the whole case, without realizing I would have just fall asleep and eventually the next step I do is to read it again and again.It really needs lots of time as I always wish, how nice would it be if it is 48 hours per day...

Besides that, I will always tell myself that I have made the right choice, even though sometimes I do question myself 'did I'? "It is a right choice" and I say that because it will be encouraging and ensure me to follow the right path which leads to victory as becoming a lawyer has always been my ambition.Therefore, I will have to continue embarking the journey and strive for the best!!!