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Monday, September 28, 2009


Engagement.. I am very sure everyone will smile hearing this word, especially for women. So me too. Of course every women will imagine how nice their Engagement Day. With the blooming flowers, dowries, friends, and all families it will be a great moment for whole our life.

Well, actually i want to share with all of you about Engagement Day that I am just had last week. But, do not get me wrong. It is not my ‘day’. It is my eldest sister’s ‘day’.Haha.. Actually, my sister did not planned to get engagement on this raya. But, she suddenly decided to engage with his boyfriend. What a big shock for me, because I did not expect she will get engaged this soonest .

My sister which I call her Along get engage at 4th Hari Raya. Can you imagine? We have to get prepared for Hari Raya and the Engagement Day at the same time! And of course, the most busy person in my family is me. Haha.. I am very excited to make the preparation for my Along.

Back from my hometown at Kota Tinggi, we went to wedding house to buy too many things for the dowries and goodies. And rushly, me with Along, we compose the dowries. On behalf of fiancée, we have to reciprocate seven tray dowries whereas fiancé give five tray dowries to my sister. According to Malay custom, fiancée must reciprocate two more dowries than fiancé and the number of the dowries must be in odds.

Dowries for engagement.

At the engagement night, fiance’s family will come to fiacee’s house to discuss about the engagement period and the dowry from fiancé to fiancée while the fiancee while the fiancée get prepare in her house with her nice dress. At this time also make both of the family to get know each other. After discuss about the dowry, fiance’s mother will give the engagement ring to fiancée.

Fiance’s family come to fiancee’s house.

The fiancée get prepared for the engagement night.

Fiance’s family discussed about the dowry.

After that, the fiancé’s family will having their meal. And photograph sessions take place. All the family members will capture the special moments. Of course everyone at that night are really happy and enjoy the event. And for the both of fiancé, they are very happy because their Engagement Day finished successfully. Everyone hopes that both of them will happy ever after and get marry soon. I wish their marriage will merry just like their engagement day.

My sister and her fiancé...=)