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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Grow up

Grow up, every living things in this world are undergoing this process including us- Human. As we growing up we will moving from a environment to another environment. Besides that, the way of our thinking also changing as well.

I don't know whether all of you got this kind of thinking but i do have this kind of thinking while i am a small boy. When I was a small boy, i will hope that i can grow up faster so that I can make my own decision and I don't need to by bind to my parents anymore. At that time, i will think that is good to be an adult compare to a child. My thinking that time was the adult is a superior being and they get all the rights and freedom, they don't have any worried and pressure.

As I am growing up day by day, I "change my mind" already, in my opinion it is not that good for being an adult. Being an adult is not as easy as I think while i as a child. As we growing to become an adult, the bigger responsible we are holding. For instance , while we are children we don't really have to make decision on our own due to we are not mature enough and furthermore our adult(parents or elder siblings) will make decision for us. This may seems like they are controlling our life but if we think it more deeply we will found out that they are the one holding a huge responsibility because whatever decision that they've made for us may affect our future and at the same time will reflect their care on us and consequently this will affect the people's perception on our family.

As growing up we also must take fully responsible on our act. As an adult, we must be responsible for our action already because there is no longer got anyone will be there to bare our consequences. Contrary, while we are children we rarely have to bare the consequences for what we have done due to mostly other people will forgive us for our immature and no matter how was the situation there are always adult to bare the consequences for us.

There are pro and cons for being an adult and children and we must accept the fact that we are growing up each day and this process won't be stop just because we dislike it.As a conclusion, the world won't change because we are growing up, what we can do now its adapt ourselves to various kind of environment and situation in order to survive in this competitive community.