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Monday, November 9, 2009

Homosexuality in Malaysia

Recently, the problem of homosexuality are spread widely among teenagers in our country. Who would have guessed, 50 years after Merdeka this kind of public showing of affection can happen. Never thought it could be this infectious. One could only wonder what could actually happen when they are behind a closure. Homosexuality is outlawed in Malaysia, but that is not going to stop a gay and lesbian affectively, guide from attempting to spice up the supposedly hot gay and lesbian scene in Malaysia. The guide in question is the Utopia Guide to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, and is the first of such guides for these countries given their stance against homosexuality. Not surprisingly, the editor of Utopia Guides hopes that it will foster greater acceptance of homosexuality in these countries.

But the more interesting thing is that the guide claims that Malaysian has the hottest gay scene going ( based on surveys conducted from Singapore), even though Islam is the primary religion in Malaysia, and Islam is not supportive of homosexual relationships. In fact, gay sex is punishable by jail in Malaysia. Gay bars in Malaysia such as Liquick, just behind Central Market, are well-known.This scene has shows us that the morality in the society was destructively.

From the look of it, they are still in school and aged aroung 18-20 years olds. Anyhow, this is the reality of life in Malaysia. It seems identity lost problems have been quite common. Who should we blame?

There are many factors cause this problems. The main factor is the problem of the teenagers themselves. Homosexuality is a kind of rebel act during their adolescene. The teenagers will try to find their identity during their adolescence. Therefore, they will try variety of life style. Some of the teenagers will try homosexuality because they lack of the guidance of the parents and they had not enough observation of religious believes.

Secondly, broken family also caused this problem. There are some teenagers grow up under a negative environment. The father hits the mother, the parents addicted of drugs or gambling, a stepmother abused the children…These problems will cast a spot in the life of the children. In the other hand, parents who always busy with their careers will neglected their responsibility upon their children. The parents don’t know the friends that their children associate with. They also don’t what their children do and where they go. Without guidance of the parents, the children associate with a few people. They involved in homosexuality under the effect and induce of their friends.

There are blame that the effect of mass media also contribute to this problems. There were some films or video which agree and agitate the freedom of sex favour and sex behavior, especially from foreign country, had encouraged the homosexuality. These films has also brought in negative culture such as hedonism. The teenagers who were immaturely will try to imitate the manner of the characters in the films so that they can be seem they practice more “up-dated” or “modern” lifestyle. The gays or lesbians also use internet and blogs to find their “groups”.

The problems of homosexuality will destroy the good culture of our country. The were variety of social problems occurred due to this problems. For example, fighting among the gays or lesbians to “grabs” their couples. This scene will destroy the fulture of the teenagers, even the future of the country because teenagers will be the leaders of the country in coming future. Therefore, there should be some effective steps to curb this problems. Now, Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan had been forbidden “pengkid” or lesbian among Muslims. The person who was convicted will be charged in Syariah Court. However, the seem no steps had been taken to curb this problems among the “non-Muslims”. This was cricticly because the problems of homosexuality in our country cannot be curb effectively if just under the effort of an authority. The government should take more action s to resolve this problems.